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How did scientists use the laser to manipulate antimatter?  - USP . Newspaper

How did scientists use the laser to manipulate antimatter? – USP . Newspaper

In this episode, we talk to Professor Alexander Swede, of the University of the South Pacific Institute of Physics, who explains how scientists in so-called collaboration with Alpha were able to cool antimatter using lasers.

Written by Denis Pacheco

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Science USP Spotlight #12: How did scientists use lasers to manipulate antimatter?


On published article in the magazine nature, In March of this year, researchers from the CERN-based Alpha Collaboration, short for the European Organization for Nuclear Research, announced the world’s first laser-based antimatter treatment.

By cooling antimatter with a laser, the researchers were able to perform a variety of precision tests to further investigate the properties of antimatter, including experiments that could illuminate the fundamental symmetries of the universe.

To explain how the experiment was conducted, we spoke with Professor Alexander Swede, of the Institute of Physics (IF) at the University of the South Pacific, who is currently working on two international experiments, one in partnership with Brookhaven Laboratory, in the United States, and another, at CERN in Europe.

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Reporting and narration: Cayo Cesar Pereira
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