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How did she react to her mother's pregnancy, Carla Baia?

How did she react to her mother’s pregnancy, Carla Baia?

TheAt the age of 50, Carla Baia is preparing to be a mother for the third time. The public figure will have her first child with her husband, Rahim Samsher, as it was announced on social media.

Diana Baia Pinto, 31, the result of Carla’s previous marriage to Joao Pinto, commented on how she received the news.

“How was the news that you are going to have another brother?” asked a follower on his Instagram stories.

“I was very happy. These two have a very beautiful story and I think the birth of a child is the decoration on the cake”Diana confirmed.

© Instagram – Diana Paya Pinto

“What does it feel like to have a brother again at this point in life?” he asked himself.

“It’s amazing! I’ve always loved children and since I was a mother I began to be fascinated by all things children. There is nothing better than seeing a child grow up for free… and it is a privilege to be able to experience it close to”.

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© Instagram – Diana Paya Pinto

Remember that Carla is also the mother of Thiago, 34, who was also born out of her relationship with Joao Pinto.

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