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How did you spend 25 million?  The heiress will choose 50 strangers to find out

How did you spend 25 million? The heiress will choose 50 strangers to find out

ShAn Austrian woman decided to choose 50 strangers to help her distribute part of the inheritance she inherited from her grandmother. Marilyn Engelhorn believes that the Austrian government should apply taxes on wealth and in the case of inheritance – which does not happen in the country.

According to the project, Jotter rat [Bom Concelho, na tradução livre]This is the 31-year-old heiress's way of combating inequality when it comes to wealth distribution.

As described on the project website, the first phase of the project consists of randomly selecting ten thousand people, who will have to fill out a questionnaire.

From these, 50 people will be selected from different backgrounds, a sample intended to represent the entire population of Austria. Marilyn then intends to get help in distributing the 25 million euros.

The woman stated in a statement that her wealth existed even before she was born. “It accumulated because other people did their work, but my family was able to inherit the rights to the company and all the fruits of its labor,” the project creator wrote on the website.

According to BBC News, Marilyn inherited millions from her grandmother. The inheritance in question comes from Friedrich Engelhorn, founder of the pharmaceutical company BASF. According to Forbes, this woman’s inheritance is estimated at 4.2 billion dollars, or about 3.8 billion euros.

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Before her grandmother died in 2022, she said that she would donate about 90% of her inheritance.

“Inheritance is an imposition imposed on society. Inheritance means being born directly into your boss's chair – but you don't even need it. Inheritance means opening doors – doors that others will never see in your life. Inheritance means a feeling of financial security that protects you from working in an unsustainable home, Or unbearable or inadequate housing, health defects, and much more.”

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