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Como tornar um namoro saudável? Ciência revela o segredo

How do you make a healthy relationship? Science reveals the secret

Love is one of the main feelings in our life, which is responsible for our happiness, for our union with another person, for providing us with unforgettable moments, however, this description corresponds to a healthy relationship, which does not always happen, but to solve this. Problem, question science can reach out.

Among the factors that can negatively affect a relationship are some mental problems that, unfortunately, are becoming increasingly common, such as depression and anxiety. These issues are often not quickly recognized, causing the couple to live for a long time with these situations which eventually lead to the generation of tension and exhaustion in the relationship.

When someone in a relationship suffers from mental health imbalances, dating has a number of serious issues, so it’s important to recognize and treat them early.

A healthy relationship needs a partner’s respect and empathy to be more balanced and sustainable, according to research (Photo: Reproduction/ManualdoHomemModerno)

In addition, according to the results of research published in the scientific journal “Current Opinion in Psychology”, in 2015, an open partner helps to understand and listen to the other to make the relationship healthier and longer, and these effects extend to relationships. Other than romance, like work and friendships.

In other words, according to science, empathy and respect for the other are keys to a healthy, balanced and lasting relationship, as it encourages reciprocity in the partner and thus makes the relationship more understanding for both parties.

Featured image: A healthy relationship also depends on biological and behavioral factors (Photo: Reproduction/Mulherr)