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How far we have come!  Nuno Homem de Sa makes serious accusations against Rogerio Samora: "He ruined the whole story" - Celebrities

How far we have come! Nuno Homem de Sa makes serious accusations against Rogerio Samora: “He ruined the whole story” – Celebrities

Talk continues of Nuno homim de sa’s sharp tongue. The 59-year-old actor this time chose the late Ruggiero Samora as his target.

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Reveals the last scene Rogerio Samora recorded before he had a heart attack

In a conversation with Catarina Sequeira, the actor revealed that his relationship with Ruggiero Samora was not always perfect. The two actors co-starred in the TV series “Flor do Mar”, which was taped in Madeira, and the scenes were marked by an eternal squabble between the two… as the “Big Brother” contestant revealed that the SIC star had made a “head in water” just not for him. …but also for serial production.

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“We made two brothers, the good brother and the bad brother, in Fleur de Mar. He was the bad brother. And he ruined the whole story. He didn’t want to be the villain.” But he accepted the role and then the whole series was playing the role of the good brother,” he told his roommate. He had to shoot me, he had to beat me, he had to fight me, steal my wife, but no. ..always in cute. We had problems in terms of dramaturgy, it didn’t get to the point, but it was very funny ”, recalls Nuno Homim de Sa.

Not only were things tense as they put it in, they were also behind the scenes. He continued, “Rugerio had a scene that was his way of conveying the hurt between the brothers, that hatred that divided them, backstage. We were walking beautifully.” “People were running away from us, on the plane, in the truck, the tension was constant. He would give me one, I’d give him three, he’d give me four, I’d give him five, until we both ended up screaming at each other. The other one was already running away from the carriage between Calheta and the hotel. Shame … but he was very kind,” he added, leaving the young actress dumbfounded.

Alexandra Linkcaster remembers her passion with Nuno Homme de Sa

Nono said part of the problem was that Ruggiero Samura “had a tough temper” because he was “too perfect” at what he did. However, he revealed that despite the problems “he was an exceptional star”.

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shocked by death

Despite the accusations, Nuno Homem de Sa revealed he was traumatized by the cardiovascular accident that put Ruggiero Samura into a coma lasting more than 150 days, assuming the death was not the worst for his teammate. “I’m glad the situation was resolved and he was able to get his way because this situation was not really sustainable, neither here nor there… It took a long time.”

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