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How long will the Hanover 96 coach Zimmermann last?  | - Game

How long will the Hanover 96 coach Zimmermann last? | – Game

Status: 11/28/2021 11:48 am

In the second Bundesliga table, Hannover slipped to 96th place. Is coach John Zimmerman still the right person to change the course of Lower Saxony?

By Johannes Friedock

“We imagined it would be completely different. We could not take goals from chances,” the 42-year-old said after the 4-0 draw at Carlsruhe. If you do not score, you can not win. “

“You have to listen to every word on the ramp. They drive 500 kilometers every second weekend and then see some humiliation from us. The complete dissatisfaction of the fans is justified.”
96-Captain Marcel Frank

In fact, Hanover has scored ten goals in 15 league games so far. Only three have won their last match to date, 3-0 at the Holstein Hinge on September 18. Since then, Lower Saxony have not been able to celebrate more than one goal per game, even 1-0 in a friendly against third division bottom DSV Havels. Zimmerman did not know why this construction site could not be closed. Prior to playing at KSC, he praised his personal attack options and talked about the “paradoxical situation” in terms of training performance.

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Lower Saxony are waiting for victory in eight second division games. Tough times await coach John Zimmerman. Further

Paradoxically, the old hands are frustrated

It is worth noting, however, that particularly experienced players miss out on what they were actually brought up with. Striker Lucas Hindersir, for example, can look back at 50 goals in 135 second-division games of his career and has nothing to show for Hannover after eight appearances.

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Defender Nicholas Hult is currently not making his strong game from the previous season. The 31-year-old left-back is more noticeable at Carlsruhe with errors and bad passes than a brilliant defensive and developmental game. Sweden is not fast outside.

Schatzschneider review strikes a sore point

“I think there are a lot of good skills within this team. It should wake someone up. A with the right order. And b with the right tactics,” club legend Dieter Schatzschneider publicly criticized the coach for a few days. The association had earlier warned. Only: The example of Sebastian Ernst, 63, shows that he actually hit a sore spot. Ernst, who came to set the tone and pace from Firth in the summer, has so far fallen short of his expectations.

Marcel Franke of Hanover © Image Coalition / Eibner-Pressephoto |  Ipner magazine photo

Audio: 96 Defender Frank: “All dissatisfaction is justified” (1 min)

Ernst Furt was one of ten behind the double top and scored seven goals and six assists, and in Hanover he sometimes played with double sixes, sometimes half left or half right – mostly with defensive assignments. However, if Ernst were allowed to play too aggressively, he would have scored 96: against Heidenheim (1-0), Keele and Saint Bali (1-0) – just three wins in the Lower Saxony season. At Karlsruhe, Ernst “only” played a double six and was replaced during the break. At the home game against HSV, the 26-year-old was suspended for a fifth yellow card.

Can you still keep Zimmerman?

“I know there are a lot of good people who disappoint in the dressing room. This applies to both guys and me. We need to be measured by this performance. In the end, you have some arguments after such a decision.” Said Zimmerman. After eight games without a win, his future in Hanover is more questionable than ever. He is a fighter: “I feel very comfortable in this galaxy and I have a good feeling about it too. But in the end I can not answer that.”

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This is exactly what 96 boss Martin Kind and sports director Marcus Mann have to do. How long will the two have faith in the inexperienced coach who will be in charge of a professional team for the first time in Hanover? The first names of the successor candidates are already being traded around Maschsee: for example, Daniel Dion – the former coach of the upcoming rival of the Hanovarians …

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