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How much ?!  The world's second tennis player wipes his opponent off the field.  Then she yawned and Denise's horror began

How much ?! The world’s second tennis player wipes his opponent off the field. Then she yawned and Denise’s horror began

It should be “dead rubber”. Sinner’s match with Medvedev began as soon as all the results in the ATP final were known – after Alexander Sverev’s victory over Hubert Harrocks, Italy were eliminated, and the Russian would play in the semifinals.

But the meeting did not disappoint and brought some flavors. First, an unusual situation: after Medvedev’s best first set, Chinner will say he’s back. Games, In the end he lost 0: 6, 7: 6 (5), 6: 7 (8).

26 minutes and it’s over! At first, Medvedev quickly defeated Chinnar, but he returned to the game

Medvedev played as planned to win the first set. He lost just three points in his service games. At Sinner, he used three of seven break points. He finished the game As a result 6-0 in an incredible 26 minutes.

This is the end! Hubert Harrocks will not play in the ATP Finals semifinals

But in the second round the Russian Tennis Express slowed down. Or did his rival Jannick Chinner just start playing better? He first defended the opponent’s break point in the first game, then took advantage of his fourth chance in the fourth game to take a 3: 1 lead.

Medvedev yawned at one point. And then it all went wrong

However, this did not have a major impact on Medvedev. He quickly offset his opponent’s breakthrough advantage and then played with him point by point. At one point he even … yawned after a point, which caused a lot of distrust among fans on social media. Medvedev has already spoken several times before the match about the circumstances under which he would stay awake at night or sleep during the day.

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Chinner led the tie-break in the second set, in which the game ended in a tie, but Medvedev lost his first serve. His competitor is not going to leave it at that. The Italian player got the set ball and used it immediately, winning the tie-break 7-5 and leading the match to a 1-1 draw throughout.

Italy Tennis ATP FinalsHubert Harrocks responded to the ATP Finals defeat. “Fantastic season”

Medvedev recovered from his defeats and won after the second tie-break

That one point could have affected the whole crowd. The third set was under Sinar’s control for a while. Although Medvedev had the first chance to beat, the Italian first defended himself against the world’s second fraud, and then he beat his rival in the fifth game.

However, it was only later that the Russians tried to fight back. He made his break and took the lead with a score of 4: 4. A second tiebreak occurred. The latter settled in favor of Medvedev, who only used the ball in the second match. He won the tie-break 10: 8, 7: 6 in the game and 2: 1 in the entire game.

Italy Tennis ATP FinalsHarrocks chased, but in the end he lost everything. “I was not surprised at all”

Daniel Medvedev has been promoted to the semifinals of the ATP Finals. The Russian will play against Caspar Root, who will be the highlight of the game against Andriy Rublev. The pair of Alexander Sverev and Novak Djokovic became the second semifinal pair. Medvedev, who defeated Dominic Evil 4: 6, 7: 6 (2), 6: 4 in the final, is battling to retain his title last year.

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