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How Seara combines expertise and technology to surprise your barbecue taste

How Seara combines expertise and technology to surprise your barbecue taste

Weekend barbecues are one of the most traditional programs in Brazil. Or it was, until the Covid-19 pandemic ended the story of getting the entire group together to share pecanas and sausages. In 2020, the event just got even more intimate. The family started roasting meat on the balcony, on the electric grill in the kitchen – and doing it more often than before.

This change in behavior fell on the Seara’s radar. A survey by Kantar, in March 2020, indicated a 22% increase in the frequency of barbecues compared to the previous average (before the first case reports of Covid-19 in the country). “We realized these weren’t mega events,” explains Daniela Zucchini, Seara’s Executive Marketing Director.

“Because they are denied going out to eat, people are starting to buy more exclusive and different pieces to make a smaller, more special barbecue.”

In other words: it was a great opportunity to increase the portfolio of gourmet barbecue meat, which at that time sausage was the leader. “We felt we needed to bring a different experience to the cuts already in place,” Daniela says.

This was the challenge faced by the factory laboratories in Ceará (SC) and Montenegro (RS), which specialize in pork and poultry, respectively. By keeping an eye on flavor trends around the world and on the latest developments from seasoning suppliers, the professionals have begun to think of novelties to surprise barbecue fans.

Alchemy in the kitchen

With new spices in mind, like chimichurri, roast and Lemon and pepper (Pepper and Lemon), they set out to experiment, applying a full science of spices to bring in more tender and juicy meat with the perfect flavor for every type of grill cut.

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“The goal was to have a gourmet experience, but without losing the taste of home food,” says Helena Marico Uchiro, Seara’s Research and Development Director who specializes in poultry and sausages.

Each flavor was tested in several different cuts of pork and poultry and proved by a team of sensory experts until it gave the match that consumers deemed perfect, and is proven by tests conducted in the Academia Seara.

“The roast, for example, was delicious on the chicken thigh, but because the baking took longer, the look was a bit darker, and it wasn’t cold. So we chose the middle of the wing, which bakes faster,” says Helena.

Numerous trial tours showed that the combination of lemon and pepper, for example, matched the meat of the pancetta, that kimichuri was better in chicken thighs and that tender herbs were the best option for stirring the chicken.

And this was how the innovative barbecue products from the Seara Gourmet line were born.

“This was the first time we had developed a pig anchor with chimichurri.

Although this cut is unknown, it is very tender and juicy because it is rich in marble, says Gustavo Giacomazzi, Director of Research and Development for the Swine District of Seara.

New flavors

The eight perfect pairs chosen for Seara Gourmet’s new Churrasco line were:

– Pork And Chicken Pie With Chimichurri

Medium wing with barbeque sauce

– pancetta with pork Lemon and pepper (Lemon and pepper)

– Heart seasoned with soft herbs

Pork ribs with rosemary

Hot Wing Wing (chicken breast)

Garlic pork steak

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The new line was launched in April 2021, taking advantage of the branding showcase in the Big Brother Brasil, and is an effective marketing strategy detailed here. “We wanted to make people want to try it,” Daniela says.

Rodrigo Hilbert was asked to explain how to cook these pieces on the grill. “We picked someone credible someone who really likes to do this, especially eating barbecueAnd the To prove you don’t have to be an expert to do a good barbecue, because with these spicy and interesting pieces there’s no mistake. “

Retailers’ acceptance of the new Seara Gourmet line exceeded expectations, and Daniela already sees room for more flavor innovations in the future. “Research shows that Brazilians liked the idea of ​​gourmet grilling, the convenience of prepared cuts, and having a different experience. The habit of grilling with special pieces lingers.”

The perfect barbecue recipe

The science behind the flavor and softness of Seara’s new gourmet pieces:

1- The best taste in every cut

Every seasoning in all pieces was tested, and only formulations that had the best performance in taste and in the final aspect were approved.

2 – Smoothness Tried and proven

Smoothness is not subjective: The definition of smoothness was previously tested in the laboratory with a device called a tissue scale. It evaluates the strength of the shear: the lower it is, the less chewing effort will be spent, that is, the softer the cut is). “These valuations prove very different when compared to the regular discounts,” says Gustavo.

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3- 100% natural spices

The products were developed without the use of preservatives and artificial flavors. The garlic, parsley, onion, rosemary, lemon and all the other spices used in the line have been carefully selected to ensure the “homey” flavor.

4 – homogeneous seasoning

Each mixture of spices is mixed with water and salt to be spread on the meat without preservatives. In the case of pigs, spices are injected into the pieces for better interior distribution.

After the injection, they undergo an hour-long massage regimen, which contributes to a better flavor uniformity, and also gives more smoothness and juiciness to the pieces.

make mouth water? paying off Here New products from the Churrasco Seara Gourmet line.

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