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How Sophie Maupu became Sophie Marceau

How Sophie Maupu became Sophie Marceau

This Wednesday, November 17, Sophie Marcio celebrates her 55th birthday. Nearly forty years ago, almost coincidentally, the man who was “the favorite little bride of the French” for many years changed his name. And transcended his destiny.

When director Claude Pinoto decided to make a film written by Daniel Thompson, CeremonyReleased in 1980 He is looking for a young “wig” to be his heroine. He passed 600 exams. Nobody looks at promising young actresses like Emmanuel Bart, Mathilda May, Christiana Really … Meanwhile, a woman from Gentle is looking for a summer job. This has nothing to do with the world of cinema. She is 13 years old and her name is Sophie Maubu.

Then, Sophie Marcio, who Today he passed behind the camera four times and took fifty pictures, They are: ” I didn’t really have a dream at the time, I come from a working family and we lived in the big suburbs with my parents. We do not approach culture. There was a garden in an empty space behind us, that’s about it. Then, I wanted to be free. I travel the roads, without relationships, imagining the world as something desert.

Then he saw an advertisement in the Franz-Zaire newspaper. A junior modeling company is looking for new faces for ads. Below she puts up an eye-catching photo of the casting director of a particular Françoise Ménidrey. Ceremony. ” I left college, Will she tell me many years later I saw about 2,000 students when Sophie’s fate began. What did she have more than the others? I do not know. I can tell you that one day I went to an agency where Sophie had booked the previous day. I stopped at his face and eyes as he consulted the cup. My gut told me that Vic was hers. When I asked her to read a scene, it was incredibly accurate.

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How Sophie Marcio missed the meeting for her future life

For his part, Sophie, who has not yet been called Marcio, who came to play with her father, almost missed the meeting for her future acting career. In fact, those who were impressed by the number of young women waiting and more attached than she was, were a little tired of waiting, She was on the verge of leaving before the audition. But fate was watching. And its photosynthesis and naturalness make a difference. It was to find a stage name. It was to Madame Figaro that Sophie Maubu explained how she became Marcio. ” I was given a list of the streets of Paris: Avenues, Boulevards, I chose Avenue Marcio to at least keep my initials. Here it is! I may have been called Sophie de la Pompe, but I did not care about the particle! She added with a smile.

She saysToday it is difficult for her to distinguish Sophie Marcio from Sophie Maubu. Everyone has a role to play even if they are the same person. That Sophie Marcio taught her a lot of things, educated her, opened the doors for her. Brings light [elle] “Because, before, the light, it really wasn’t her thing. Despite approaching the small camera, she ran away feeling like her soul had been stolen from her. So today thanks Sophie Marcio and happy birthday. Sophie Maup.