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How technology affects the NFL

The NFL is an American institution steeped in tradition. Even if it might not have quite the same illustrious history as baseball, it’s extremely popular. More than half of the country tunes in to watch the Super Bowl and the players are national superstars.

The NFL continues to grow, even if they might have hit somewhat of a plateau. At the same time they have continued to innovate and improve themselves to stay relevant in the modern era. Social media and independent podcasts and content creators also have had their part to play in the growth of the league, helping to usher the league into its current state. Betting has also seen a massive rise in interest and looking at, for example, Cowboys odds ahead of a game has become commonplace amongst many fans. 

The NFL is embracing new technology  

The NFL has always been at the forefront of broadcast innovation. Regardless of whether it was putting microphones on the refs or by placing a digital line to make the down markers easier to see, improving the viewing experience for those at home. New technology is being put to use in every aspect of an NFL broadcast from news updates to the sound quality.

One of the biggest keys in proper immersion for the television viewers is the sound. This is something that the NFL has become better and better at, and today it can almost feel like you’re standing right next to a big tackle being made. This is due to the NFL employing sound technicians that are strategically placed around the field. These technicians all wear big microphones shaped like dishes, designed specifically to be able to pick up sound from far away. 

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This combined with microphones in the chest pads of the linesmen means that the viewing experience is much more engaging. By making the viewing experience as good as possible they can ensure that old fans stick around, while new fans are more likely to watch.

NFL films 

The team behind the NFL films is the best in the business. If you have not watched something that the team has produced, you’re truly missing out. Incredible footage is not the exception, it’s the norm. Some of the best cameras and cameramen in the country capture incredible footage of big games, and it’s all tied together with a masterful storytelling flair. It’s no wonder that they have received several awards and continue to be pioneers in the field.