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How the "proposal" on the Internet became a cult

How the “proposal” on the Internet became a cult

It’s over with Anakin, I have high ground (“Nothing to do, I dominate you”)I Senate »(“I Senate”), Hello (“Hi everyone”)… These are not the most popular copies of the universe Star WarsBut for a generation of Internet users raised between Chapters I, II and III between 1999 and 2005, these are equivalent “I am your father” Or “Let the force be with you”.

These parts of George Lucas’ second trilogy occupy the internet and become one of the pillars of internet comedy with funny animal animated gifs, infinitely distorted and related to off-peak situations. Rage Comics In their time.

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The most popular link on Reddit

If we call “Previous memes” Because it’s popular on YouTube and other 9gags (so called because it precedes the original trilogy, referring to “prelogy”), it is widely shared on the Reddit forum. Three years ago, the division appeared «R / prequelmemesToday with 2.1 million users And 2,000 comments a day. To the point that follows the common part dedicated to the series (“R / Star Wars”) And its 2.2 million subscribers. The event features a “meme prequel” with a detention time Sign up for the most popular link in Reddit’s rich history.

How can this success be explained when Reddit’s sections are dedicated to the diversion of other trilogies? Two of the first three films of this pioneer are generally considered to be the weakest in history.

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If the first distraction of the preface initially aims to make fun of these images (like Darth Vader’s cry Became the subject of ridicule on the web in the early 2000s), which did not immediately turn into events, explains Matt Schimkowitz, author of the special site Know your meme. It is necessary to wait until 2015, and the annual release of new films produced by Disney, through which the preface finds a new breath and a new meaning of “earlier memes”.

The original trilogy? “Old thing”

We are in December 2016. Something rude Came out. A year ago, The power awakens Broke all internal records. It’s time to dump her and move on. Success is imminent: six months after its creation, it has 250,000 subscribers.

“When you realize that earlier memes may have been created to mock the shyness and nonsense of the prequel, but now everyone, including you, still prefers the preface because of them.  In the conversation of Episode III

The memes of the preface resonate “People aged 13 to 30”, Says AdventurousSwine, co-founder of subreddit with TheDStudge. It grew with these films and animated series Clone wars And Insurgents. Population at the end of adolescence, or more accurately, it deals with paradoxical and self-deprecating jokes. Geeks who identify themselves in this unwanted trilogy are criticized by their elders and come together around common references.

On Twitter, we find French followers aged 24 to 26: like the original trilogy, we often ask questions, but always like the proposal. Breton appreciates the political dimension of the work, its collections, its cast, its music, and its Lightsper duels, which are far more powerful than the originals. Flow preserves romantic scenes, almost non-existent in Saga’s other films, while at the same time inspiring Miriam “A subtlety not present in the original trilogy”. “I will go as far as I can tellShe is advancing, courageous, That’s the original old thing. ⁇

Despite so much love for prelog, the joke would have been exhausting. In fact, the popularity of “r / prequelmemes” seems to have waned after six months. Until the final celebrations of 2017, the first year of the division is over, but above all, the release of “Episode VIII”.

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“I: Press the button twice

A good-natured war

Because unlike the 2015 and 2016 vintages, the careful pictures made almost everyone agree. The last Jedi Split. Very different? Too slow? Too “progressive” for some? Anyway, it marks the end of the honeymoon between the fans Star Wars And Disney. As well as a new youth for the “earlier memes” who have already become a safe haven for twenty people longing for the “good old days”.

“Fans who criticize new films set an example for ‘good films’. Star Wars“, As some fans in the early 2000s branded the originals against the proposal”, Analyze Matt Shimkovitz, we know your memories.

However, one conflict of good character: in many cases, the “r / prequelmemes” faction officially went to “war” against its younger sister, the “r / sequelmemes”, suppressing the opportunity to exchange bird names and stumble montages. Enemy brothers. After all, subscribers of two categories … the opportunity to realize that they are often identical.

However, at times, premology memes abound on Internet forums and social networks. TheDStudge, the founder of “r / prequelmemes”, has fans signing in the sand for Hayden Christensen, the actor who plays Anakin Skywalker at the conferences. Especially in terms of referring to absurd conversation Of “Episode II”.

In the summer of 2019, Evan McGregor, the beloved actor of “R / Frequelmemes”, was recalled by Disney fourteen years after “Episode III” to wear the clothes of the young Obi-Wan Canobi. After many years of waiting, the broadcast of the series dedicated to him finally starts on Friday 27th May. What if it was (a little) thanks to “r / prequelmemes”? Anyway, AdventurousSwine wants to believe it: “It’s very funny. We never thought we would have such an influence.”

Updated May 27, 2022: This 2019 article was republished on Disney + during the release of the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” series.

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