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How the Tesla Pat Robot Elon Musk Works

During the conference as part of the event organized by Tesla “AI Day”, Elon Musk presented a presentation with some information about the humanoid robot Tesla Pot currently working.

The Tesla Pot is 172 cm tall. It is made of lightweight materials, so it weighs 56.5 kg. In place of the robot’s face, there will be a screen displaying important information. In addition, the Tesla Pat will carry loads. About 20 kg, and the maximum load capacity is about 70 kg.

The movement will be driven by a set of installed cameras and technologies similar to what Tesla uses to drive autonomous cars in its cars.

Musk said the Tesclabot can do repetitive and simply boring, but dangerous tasks from a human perspective. The head of Tesla said the robot was friendly and designed to make a man escape from it and that it was easy to crash.

The first Tesla Pod prototype is due in 2022.

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