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How to access Spotify Top Songs

How to access Spotify Top Songs

Today tip was thought for those who like to discover new music, check it out: spotify He has several playlists that display the main songs, called “Top Songs”. Pretty cool, isn’t it? You can see what people were enjoying in Brazil, in the world and most importantly today!

Take a look below and I’ll show you the way! Oh! There are many playlist options, see? Each one is worth checking out!

How to access Spotify Top Songs

The way to discover Top Songs is the same on computer, cell phone or other platforms, okay? Take a step-by-step look below and be sure it’s super easy to find!

  1. Log in to your Spotify account and click Search;
  2. Scroll down to the “Browse all sections” section;
  3. Go to “Paradas” and see the highlighted items at the top;
  4. Scroll down and browse more sections of Spotify Top Songs.
Check out the best Spotify songs from Brazil and the world (screenshot: Rodrigo Volter)

It’s very easy to find, isn’t it? Now just browse the world and discover the best songs of the moment! I’ll be back soon with more great Spotify tips!

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