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How to be your Norse - VG

How to be your Norse – VG

Mixed Bodies: The whole gang assembled, hopefully the weather will be much worse than what will happen on May 17th.

Disguised integration into the corps’ faculty proves to be the most powerful contribution to this year’s Constitution Day.


VG dice show 5 points

United Corps
A Norwegian reality series in 8 parts
Host: Sigrid Bond Tosvik
Director: Mima Bash
Premiering on TV 2 Play and TV 2 on Sunday 24th April

Believe it or not, the wire is one of the best things Sigrid Bonde Tusvik knows best.

You’ll share this wandering orchestral joy with a group Who are outside the sphere of community interaction: women who came to Norway from other countries.

Her ambition is the wire that will be fine They can march on Karl Johan May 17.

The ten women who eventually became part of the aspiring corps come from countries such as Cameroon, Thailand, Syria and Turkey. All with different tool efficiency, and different motives for recording at all. Someone points out at the first meeting that they heard that Bonde Tusvik is actually a comedian; Implicit in what many of us wonder: Is this a badly hidden joke?

meaningless. The Legion’s work is a side idea of ​​Tosvik’s true goal: to create a community of integration, while at the same time highlighting a group that is not performing optimally in the face of Norwegian everyday life, in its own way.

Elephant: Laura on the trumpet, which at first glance sounded like the sound of an elephant.

“Korps United” is an upbeat (but not always musically harmonious) reality that, thanks to good acting by both participants and faculty, does very well and, fortunately, has had little training for the corps. Besides, Bonde Tusvik is more of a background facilitator than the unstoppable gossip most people know from her on podcasts with Lisa Tønne, for example.

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She takes hopefuls to her squads for “Norwegian” activities such as Sunday cruises, Christmas dinner and waffle baking. Participants meet themselves as much as you do with them.

As usual, the conversation slides best when the camera sits invisibly in reality mode and captures considerations and concerns. Early discussion and brilliant is what lies inside This strange Norwegian statement: “Go for a walk, never get angry.”.

Those who will be teaching the team about woodwinds, brass, valve oil and lung capacity are also great examples of Norwegian music pedagogy: patient, committed and exciting.

SAX Instrument: Zenube is a legionnaire’s mother, but she’s never played the saxophone or the like.

The Ante Skaug connector is so captivatingly explosive that it spreads across the screen. The so-called live fireworks with a Whitney Houston jacket would cause severe eczema to allergy-positive viewers. Along with educational music composer Niklas O’Gren, among others, he enlisted the new ladies of the band to master friendly interaction.

An early concert where the futuristic monster sings “A cola with coffee thank you”, “Lørenskog Auto” and “Everyone loves corps” is performed without becoming paradoxical, for example it could remain one of the most exciting music moments on Norwegian television in 2022.

Best: Unlike all the other TV 2 shows where people have to learn something they can’t, none of the participants are here Celebrities, TV employees or people who have sexual desire in their bodies.

They hardly have an instagram account. The series is quite far from “Good Morning Norway” and its corresponding selfie-taking capabilities. Here, there is only one group that, in the words of the conductor of the orchestra Skoog, “must show Norway to the land what the people can do yes.”

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Just promise us you’ll say out loud “no” to the celebrity version of “Korps United”, TV 2. It wouldn’t have been straightforward musical.

Watch the references for three of the eight episodes