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How to choose and apply — Idealista/news

choose one Brick country kitchen It means choosing a style that combines function and aesthetics, adding a touch of beauty Tradition and comfort to your home. Stone, wood and terracotta are among the main characters able to bring character and warmth to any environment. Then find out everything you need to know if you're planning to buy a device Brick country kitchen.

The main characteristics of a country construction kitchen

These kitchens are distinguished by their materials and Natural furnitureWhich gives an overall feeling of solidity:

  • a woodthe main ingredient, often comes in raw or lightly treated finishes, to maintain its real, sturdy appearance.
  • to Exposed stone or brick surfaces They help create a welcoming atmosphere, typical of country homes, but increasingly in demand in modern urban contexts.
  • a lightIt plays a major role, with warm lights highlighting the materials and creating an intimate atmosphere.

But it's not just a matter of aesthetics: rustic masonry kitchens, whether indoor or outdoor, are designed to be Durable and practical.

The best materials for kitchen construction

To create a brick kitchen, you need to focus on a few specific elements. They can also be reused, potentially allowing you to improve the existing architecture:

  • You Brick They are widely used, not only for their durability, but also for the (a little rustic, a little industrial) aesthetic they offer to the environment.
  • Equally important are the materials used for countertops and finishes. Hey marblefor example, is a popular choice for its resistance and ease of cleaning, while GraniteWith a wide range of colors and resistance to cuts, it is ideal for those who intend to use the kitchen often.
  • Wood is essential, but which one? Types like oak It can be treated to resist moisture and heat.
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Ideal appliances for a compact kitchen

A traditional masonry kitchen requires a certain type of household appliance To ensure functionality and aesthetic harmony with the rustic style of the environment.

One Built in ovenA style with a sleek aesthetic is a must, while a decorative extractor fan helps keep the air clean and prevent grease from building up on the walls. Hey refrigerator It can be built-in, perhaps with doors coordinated with the rest of the furniture, or visible if it has a vintage aesthetic. To complete the kitchen, consider including a dishwasher hidden behind matching panels.