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How to create a pen or download an ISO file to install Windows 11

Now that Windows 11 has arrived, it’s only natural that users will want to try it out on their devices. This new system can be easily installed via an update or with an ISO and an installation pen, if you prefer.

This is a simple process that anyone can do. So, you just need to create a USB drive, something we explained today in order to prepare this process. So look at the simple way to get Windows 11 ready to install on a USB drive.

For many, Windows 11 is already installed and in use. This new version guarantees a significant change in the system image and even a complete change of some components. Thus, this regeneration ends up looking natural and easy to assimilate.

For those who want to perform a clean and completely fresh installation of Windows 11, you need to create a USB stick with the image ready to use. Also, if you prefer, you can just download the ISO file from this system.

Install Microsoft Windows 11 ISO USB

never b Download the app Configure and run Windows 11 on Windows 10. You must proceed to agree to the terms of use of this application, and then proceed to the selection of the operating system. If they wish, they can activate the option to use the recommended options.

After this point, they get to the part where they choose what they want to do next. They can create a USB drive or just download an ISO file simply and quickly. In the second case, they just need to indicate where they want to save the file.

Install Microsoft Windows 11 ISO USB

On the other hand, if you want to create a stylus, you must have connected one with more than 8GB of storage space. Follow the steps provided and in no time you'll be ready to use it to install Windows 11 on any computer, as long as it's supported.

This is also a simple way to bring Windows 11 to PCs that don't have this update available yet. In these cases, you have to run the setup file on the pen, so you can proceed with the update to the new Microsoft system.

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