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How to create tracks on Google Maps on mobile and computer?

Google Maps being one of the most popular navigation apps is nothing new. Plus, it’s free and available on Android. The app is a good way to create highways and make travel easier. But you know like Create routes on Google Maps via mobile phone and computer?

Google Maps

When you create a route on your cell phone, you can track the route in real time and with the help of voice. When using the browser version, there is a feature where you can share your route with your smartphone and start navigating.

See below, how to create a route via cell phone or computer.

by cell phone

  • Open Maps on your cell phone and enter the destination address in the search tab;
  • Click on the title of the result to open it.
  • Select Routes to calculate route options or click Start to start quick navigation;
  • In Routes, maps provide estimated travel time for different modes of transportation. If the cell phone has access to your location, the Implementation uses your current location to generate the route;
  • If you need to start from another address, type it in the first bar.
  • Select “Start” to start the journey.

Now, you just need to follow the whole journey through your cell phone screen. Very simple, right? If you deviate from the path, Google Maps will show you the correct path, which will automatically recalculate to take you back or the new path.

on the computer

  • open the Google Maps in your browser
  • Enter the address of the target place name in the search;
  • When you find the location, click on Routes to trace the route;
  • Enter your departure address and choose your mode of transport to configure your route;
  • Check out the suggested paths and select an option.
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After creating the route, tap on the cell phone icon to send the route to your device. Then select direct share, receive via SMS or email. Soon after, just open the link that you sent to your smartphone.