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Windows 10 atualização maio Microsoft

How to get the May 2021 Update on Windows 10 now

Yesterday was full of news on several fronts. If the most obvious is the arrival of Android 12, the truth is that Microsoft has prepared a surprise for Windows 10 users, with a novelty already expected.

We are talking about the May 2021 update, which was finally released, although it is not widely available to users. Of course, there are ways to get this new version now, using Microsoft’s own tools.

Although it is not a big news update, the new version of Windows 10 promises many improvements. If the bigger sound is the official and finally arrival of the new Edge, there are other graphic elements that will be noticed immediately.

As usual, Microsoft wants to release this update in stages. Hence, it intends to control potential problems and prevent machines from working properly. Hence, it is natural for him to not see this new product in Windows 10.

Usar x upgrade assistant

If you want to test the new Windows 10 now, with the news of the May 2021 Update, you can do so now. You will need to use tools that will help you install the new version, as you have done in previous updates.

Microsoft Windows 10 May Update

Upgrade Assistant is first suggestion, very easy to use and useful. Enough Download And operate this tool according to the steps provided. It is a simple and fast process, and should not cause any problems for users.

Usar o media creation tool

The second suggestion refers to the media creation tool as the solution. This tool is intended to create a pen and other media to make installing Windows 10. The key is to skip this step and focus on the local system.

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Microsoft Windows 10 May Update

one more time We download the app And implementation. After gathering all the information, they should indicate that they want to perform the update, not create the installer pen. The process runs smoothly and ends with a Windows 10 update.

There is one last option, but it is known to all. It might not be available, but they can use the update under Windows 10 settings. If it is present, they can update immediately to the new version, officially and normally on Microsoft's system.