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How to improve your personal finances in 2024 in five steps

How to improve your personal finances in 2024 in five steps

From stress tax to credit cards to household budgeting and communications expenses, the new year can help you make better financial decisions

Entering the new year is always made up of resolutions and with 2024 expected to be a year of uncertainty, it's not a bad idea for some of the commitments made at this time to be related to your financial health. And unlike other resolutions made at this time (and forgotten in the meantime), your wallet may be grateful that you at least adhered to those measures that can make the new year more relaxing and peaceful. With the help of the online platform for comparing and analyzing financial products and services ComparaJ√°, we leave you with five New Year's resolutions that can improve your finances.

Reducing your effort rate can be an action that will make a difference in your wallet, especially since the weight of premiums in the monthly budget sometimes has a big impact. There are several ways to make this burden more bearable: Comparaja suggests that if you have multiple loans, you can consolidate them all into one loan, extending the repayment period or even lowering the interest rate. Other options: Transfer your home loan and get better financing terms or try to renegotiate credit with your bank.

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