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How to Make Money on Blogging

A blogger is an internet user who maintains his channel, website, or page. For his subscribers, he is an opinion leader in a certain area. You can choose one of two strategies for making money on a blog: promote your own business through an account or make a blog itself a business. In the second case, your product will be content, that is, the content of the blog.

Types of bloggers

There are several types of bloggers:


These are professionals in their field who turn the blog into an educational platform: they provide a lot of useful information on a specific topic. Experts earn with the help of a blog, either on advertising or on paid training courses or on the sale of services.

The expert does not need to have teaching skills. You can write about anything you are an expert at and share your knowledge. For instance, you are keen on Zodiac Casino so you can share your tips on gambling. In addition to teachers, experts also include lawyers, doctors, beauty bloggers, fitness trainers, repairmen, and other professionals who advise subscribers.


These are actors, singers, athletes, politicians and other celebrities. Celebrity blogs are primarily a PR tool, promoting a personal brand:

  • there, they give announcements of performances,
  • express their opinion on various issues,
  • and stir up interest in their person.

A whole team can work on the account of one celebrity, and the celebrities themselves, as a rule, have the status of sole proprietors and earn money from blog advertising.

Lifestyle bloggers

This group includes channels of individuals who turn their lifestyle into a business project. Lifestyle bloggers usually do not sell anything and only make money from in-post ads. The business is built solely on the content of the channel — beautiful pictures or videos, keeping an online diary. These bloggers include mom-bloggers, avid travelers, etc.

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Business People

These are blogs of entrepreneurs who sell self-made products through their accounts and do not advertise other brands. For instance, this is what craftsmen who make handmade candles do.

The division is conditional: a psychologist’s channel can be both educational and selling at the same time, and a celebrity blog can be a platform for promotion and a lifestyle blog.

How can you run a blog?

There are the following options:

  • Write articles and texts. The format is suitable for experts, entrepreneurs, as well as for lifestyle bloggers. The content can be different: expert articles, for instance, with cases from legal practice, detailed product descriptions, or personal notes. There are many different platforms for text blogs: online diaries, messenger channels, social media pages, your website, and the like.
  • Keep a photoblog. These are classic social media blogs. This option is convenient for sales and advertising of goods.
  • Shoot vlogs — videos for video hosting and social networks. The format is suitable for educational channels, product reviews, video invitations, etc.

You can run several blogs at the same time using different types of content. This is time-consuming but will allow you to expand your audience reach and move faster. You can combine the maintenance of the company’s commercial blog and the owner’s personal page. This increases the level of trust of customers, as they see the founders of the brand as ordinary people and can write a comment or ask a question to them and thus feel involved.

Content types

There are four content types:

1. Selling posts

They contain information about the properties, cost, delivery of the product — everything that is needed to buy it. In the description of the picture of the dress in the account of the clothing store, you can specify the article, price, composition of the fabric, and give instructions on where and how to order it.

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2. Advertising posts

They have a lot in common with the salesy ones. However, unlike the first ones, here you can talk more about the company’s advantages over competitors, the uniqueness of products and the benefits of buying. In an advertising post for a children’s hairdresser, information that all masters have extensive experience in dealing with kids will be appropriate, and, therefore, the child will not be afraid of scissors — a haircut will turn into an exciting and safe game.

3. Educational posts

These are posts that can teach the subscriber something. For instance, an article about caring for indoor plants, a yoga video lesson, a travel webinar, etc.

4. Entertainment posts

This category includes anything that does not belong to the first three types. The most popular example is humor: jokes, funny videos and pictures. Everything that can cheer up subscribers, including fascinating stories about you and your life.

Ways to earn money

There are several ways to earn money:


This is the main income of bloggers. The method is suitable both for commercial accounts and for those who decide to make the blog itself a business. You can advertise companies for money, or you can barter. The latter is often chosen by the self-employed — for instance, an artist is supplied with paints for free, and he posts the manufacturer’s advertisement on his blog. There is no income as such, but there are savings on materials. The general rule is that the more followers you have and the more often your posts get into the search, the more you will be paid for advertising.

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Direct sales

This income is not so much on the blog itself, but on using the account as an advertising platform for your products and services. A cleaning lady can keep her blog about effective cleaning products for various surfaces and thereby demonstrate her skills, thus receiving orders. The owner of a clothing store can simply post pictures of the product with descriptions and prices, or give expert advice on how to combine colors and care for fabrics.

Maintaining other people’s blogs as an SMM specialist

This is earnings on maintaining not your own, but someone else’s blog.

How to legalize income from a blog

Since bloggers receive income from their activities, it is imperative to register and pay taxes. Otherwise, you will break the law and get fined.