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How to remove an app that won't leave your Android phone

How to remove an app that won't leave your Android phone

Many Android mobile users want to remove apps that are difficult to uninstall, as a way to improve performance, ensure more storage space, among other things.

In fact, some applications are pre-installed or belong to the operating system itself, and cannot be removed due to their sensitive functions. However, there are some simple ways to do this procedure in other apps and free up space on your cell phone.

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Settings adjustments and adjustments to administrator preferences can help in this process. But, do you know why some applications cannot be uninstalled? Check it out below.

Why can't some apps be uninstalled?

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There are some specific reasons why Google OS users are prevented from freely uninstalling apps on their smartphones. The most famous of these applications are system applications, which are essential for the normal functioning of the device, making it impossible to uninstall them, such as the calculator and the clock.

Moreover, there are pre-installed apps, such as Samsung Pay and Moto, which remain on the device even if the user performs a factory reset. This type of application is already installed on the cell phone before making the purchase, and it cannot be deleted.

However, in this case, it is possible to disable it, an action that frees up more storage space and prevents it from running again without user permission.

Finally, there are also applications with administrator privileges, which use user permission to access cell phone resources, such as the camera and contact list, preventing them from being uninstalled. However, some settings can help remove unwanted apps in this case.

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