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How to switch to a regulated market step by step - Energy

How to switch to a regulated market step by step – Energy

After many years of encouraging consumers to join the free energy market, as stipulated in EU directives, the observed stratospheric prices, especially in natural gas, have prompted the government to recommend to consumers a return to regulated tariffs. They are set annually by the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE), but can be revised quarterly if prices in the Iberian wholesale market (Mibel) experience significant declines or increases.

Until 2025, it was possible to choose a regulated electricity tariff, but in gas this option has been banned until now. The government will reverse this situation and the Minister of Environment, Duarte Cordero, says that for the time being “the regulated tariff is a great cost-containment support for households, which in desperation from the case allows even to circumvent the increase in gas and electricity prices.” In practice, how does this happen? Change?

How do I know if I should change?
First of all, you need to look at your energy bill and understand how much you are paying today for the energy you use. Find the exact rate per kWh and also the daily rate per kWh charged for contracted energy (ie the amount you pay for the electrical panel “capacity”: 3.5 kVA, 6.9 kVA, etc.). With these two components on hand, you can then make comparisons with other offerings on the market. Then you should contact the existing electricity and gas supplier and ask several questions: is the power supply contract loyal? What is its validity period? Are there additional services associated with it? Don’t forget to ask for an offer that is cheaper than the one you currently have.

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How is the change processed?
If your supplier does not offer a system equivalent to the regulated tariff, contact the supplier of the Last Resort (CUR) and sign a contract with it. In gas, at the moment, a return to the system is only allowed in exceptional cases, but it will be extended for everyone soon. Several Galp companies operate as CUR in the country, as well as EDP Gás Serviço Universal, Sonorgás and Tagusgás. In light, SU Electricidade and Goldenergy provide structured definitions.

What will my bill be on regulated?
The ERSE simulator shows that for a family with two children, with a simple tariff, contracted power of 6.49 kVA and annual consumption of 5,000 kWh, a monthly electricity bill of € 92.82 (1113.83 € per year), which is the third most expensive on the market after Goldenergy ( 91.91 euros) and Endesa (92.41 euros). For the quarter, ERSE imposed a 2.6% reduction in the price of electricity at its regulated tariff. For gas, the market price rose in July and will rise again by 3.9% in October. However, at the moment there are the lowest prices: 24.11 euros per month for the same family, who live in Lisbon and consume 3,407 kWh (second tier). This is followed by EDP (28.10 euros), whose prices did not achieve the jump announced by the company for October, and then Goldenergy (32.35 euros).