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How to Track A Cell Phone Number On Google Map

Location tracking has been something that parents have always wanted to try. Tracking their kids’ locations with only a phone number could be a solution to a number of problems. But there’s one question waiting to be solved. How to track a cell phone number on Google Map?

Surely, most of us have been familiar with this location navigation app made specially by Google. We may agree that sometimes Google Maps wouldn’t work as intended. Sometimes, we also met bugs and errors along the way. But we can’t deny the fact that Google Maps has been really useful, at least for quite some time.

Locate a Phone with These Apps

In this article, we’ll talk about how to locate a phone number on Google map plus the alternatives that you may also use. Well, let’s go straight to the first one:

1. Eyezy

One of the recommended apps for location tracking is Eyezy. As the name implies, most users use this application for “spying,” with good intentions, of course. Spying with Eyezy isn’t as complicated as you’ve imagined. You’ll mostly spend your time seeing the simple yet useful dashboard provided by Eyezy.

With Eyezy, you can have some notable features that everyone loves. For example, there’s the GPS tracking feature, another main value of Eyezy. With this feature, parents can track their kids’ locations easily by just seeing the dashboard.

They can also activate what we call Geofencing. This feature allows parents to set an invincible area or “fence,” so when their kids are leaving this area, they will be notified immediately.

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Before using the Google maps phone number tracker, you can first try to use This app also has decent tracking features, as we’ve found previously on Eyezy. This app can be really useful for tracking a phone’s location. It doesn’t matter what the phone type is. The network and country locations are not limited as well.

You can go for the Localize feature, which lets you track someone’s location just by their phone number. The users will always be able to enjoy this feature, even without the need to do physical access to the target phone.

3. Via Google Timeline

Last but not least, you can also track a phone number on Google maps. If the GPS is enabled on the target phone, then you’ll have the freedom to see both current and past moving routes. Yes, you can even monitor the phone’s location in real time. By using the navigation system, the GPS will tell you everything.

Although yes, in this case, the GPS has to be enabled. That’s why this method has the probability of working 50/50. Unless you’re close to the phone’s owner to see whether the phone has GPS enabled or not, it’s almost impossible to check the GPS status on a stranger’s phone.

If you are pretty sure that you have physical access to the target phone, you can continue these steps:

  1. Go to Settings, and choose Location services
  2. Open Google Maps, select Menu
  3. You’ll be given the option to share your location in real time. Then click Time
  4. Select Until Closing
  5. Select Person
  6. And then, click your device
  7. If you happen not to have your device or account connected, you can put your number instead
  8. Share via call button option will appear; choose it
  9. Now the target phone is connected to your phone
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Is It Possible to Track a Phone Number On Google Maps?

Unfortunately, no. It’s not possible to do that unless you’re a part of authorities that are given the legal instruction to do so. Although Google maps find location by phone number is simply impossible, you can still ask for permission from the person to see their actual location on Google Maps. There may be various reasons why you want to check the phone location and get this information on your device.

The Benefits of Tracking a Cell Phone on Google Map

The most obvious benefit is being able to determine the current location of a cell phone. This can be useful for parents who are trying to locate their children or for businesses to track the location of their employees. Beyond this, tracking a cell phone number on Google Maps offers several other benefits.

First, it can help to improve safety. By providing an accurate location for a mobile phone, businesses, parents, and other concerned individuals can quickly respond to any potential threats that exist in the vicinity. Additionally, this can help to reduce the expense of unnecessary travel, allowing individuals to reach their desired destination faster and more efficiently.

Second, tracking a cell phone on Google Maps can help to provide a detailed history of the phone’s travels. This information can be essential in the process of a criminal investigation. It may allow law enforcement agencies to easily track the movements of a suspect.

The ability to quickly and conveniently track a cell phone number can improve the overall security of an organization or family. By keeping an eye on certain phone numbers, family members and employers can better the safety of their employees or loved ones.

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Tracking a phone number could help law enforcement track down suspects in a crime or locate missing persons. In addition to that, businesses could use phone tracking to better their customer service or monitor telemarketing calls. Overall, phone tracking has the potential to improve security and help protect the people in that organization or family.


As you can see, tracking a phone number by using a Google Map is nearly impossible. But, you can still use Google Maps to detect the location of your own phone or the other’s phones, as long as your account is connected with them. This article outlines the common ways of checking the phone location on Google Maps. We explained why this option could be advantageous for worried parents or employers.