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How to Transfer Contacts from Android Phonebook to iPhone 2021

Have you ever had to transfer contacts from your address book from your Android device to the iOS Contacts app on iPhone? What was once a nightmare can easily be fixed, thanks to Google account connection on both platforms and its fast, secure and efficient syncing.

How to sync Android calendar contacts to iPhone

If you have contacts in your address book on your Android device and are migrating to your iOS device, check below how easy it is to sync with your Google account and migrate to your new device.

Sync Android address book with Google account

On your Android device, open System Settings and enter “Accounts and Sync”. On the next screen, sign in to your Google account. Activate the “Contacts” option and tap to sync your device’s calendar with your Google account.

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Sync your Android address book with your Google account. (Lucas Witten/Canal Tech)

Turn on synchronization of your Google account address book on iPhone

Now, go to your iPhone settings and enter “Contacts”. On the next screen, go to “Accounts” and tap on your Google account connected to the iPhone with which you want to transfer contacts. Under Account options, enable the “Contacts” option to download your address book from your Google account.

Turn on syncing for contacts from your Google account on iPhone. (Lucas Witten/Canal Tech)

Transfer contacts from Google Calendar to your iPhone contacts app

Finally, open the iOS Native Contacts app on your iPhone. When the app opens, tap on “Groups” in the upper left corner of the screen. In the window that opens, enable the sync for the contacts from your Google account and transfer them to the Contacts app on your iPhone.

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Move contacts from Google Calendar to iOS Contacts app. (Lucas Witten/Canal Tech)

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