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How to uninstall multiple apps at the same time on an Android smartphone

Apps in the Android ecosystem are an essential part. By this means that smartphones are able to grow and receive new features, often necessary for users and their tasks.

Of course, after performing its function, it does not need to remain on the smartphone forever, and it can be eliminated. Today we show you how you can keep your Android system organized and uninstall multiple apps simultaneously on the smartphone.

Installing and using apps on Android is a simple process. Adequate Choose what you want And soon we found this suggestion in the Play Store. Of course, it requires careful management, so as not to accumulate unnecessary elements.

Of course, this process does not need to be carried out constantly, with every application we stop using or applications that we do not know if they are still useful. As a rule, it is an action that occurs spaced out in time with the removal of several applications from the smartphone.

Thus, it is interesting to know how to remove many applications in bulk, in order to avoid having to deal with all applications in isolation. Open the Play Store and then click on the user's photo. In the menu that opens, select the option Manage apps and devices.

In this area, you must now choose an existing new option to proceed with the process. We are talking about the area where the space occupied by applications on Android is indicated. Click there and you will directly get to the list of all the applications installed on the smartphone.

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Then choose the apps you no longer use or that you want to remove, and select them in aggregate. Then simply click on the trash can icon at the top to proceed with this cleaning process. You will be asked for a confirmation, which you must agree to complete the process.

Repeat this procedure periodically to free up space on your Android smartphone, getting rid of what you don't and what you don't need. It is a simple thing and any user can do it without negative consequences.