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How to Use Soap, Detergents and Soap Without Harming Your Health

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Machado adds that some soaps (which promise to eliminate 99% of bacteria) contain additional ingredients, such as triclosan or alcohol. “However, they are harmful to health when used without medical advice or on a continuous basis, since we also have good bacterial flora. It is important not to overdo it, because it can lead to the development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria,” he says.

Never use cleaning products on your skin

Unlike soap, detergents and soaps are more aggressive and can cause dryness, irritation and damage to the skin, especially in more sensitive areas. Furthermore, the skin has a slightly acidic pH and soaps are designed to maintain this balance, while detergents and soaps can alter the natural pH, leading to allergies and dermatitis.

But don't get confused. “Washing intimate parts with soap while showering is not appropriate, unless the item is washed again with powdered soap suitable for washing clothes, and in a washing machine. Often, hand washing while showering with soap is not effective enough to remove residues and bacteria present in the vaginal flora.” , explains the dermatologist.

Furthermore, the bathroom is an environment full of moisture and fecal coliforms, which contribute to the proliferation of bacteria. “For washing clothes, especially in cases involving infectious diseases, such as scabies, smallpox and other diseases that can contaminate fabrics, disinfectant products are important, in addition to the use of bleach, hot water and complete drying of the clothes,” Pozzo explains.

Dishwashing detergent, not food

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For washing dishes and cutlery, the most suitable detergent is formulated to remove grease and food residue. The product is also capable of decomposing waste containing bacteria, viruses and even some protozoa, breaking down the fatty layer surrounding it. It is not recommended to use soap and soap in the sink, as although cleaning, they leave a greasy and harmful residue on the surfaces.

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