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How to use the Galaxy Buds2 Pro to record 360 videos with sound |  SEGS

How to use the Galaxy Buds2 Pro to record 360 videos with sound | SEGS

The new 360 audio recording feature for the Galaxy Buds2 Pro wireless headphones, now available in Brazil, opens up a world of possibilities for content creation.

360 Audio is one of the core technologies on the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Thanks to this feature, you have an immersive feeling of being in the center of the action, as sound travels from all directions around you. And Samsung’s most advanced wireless headphones are even better, with the new 3601 Audio Recording now available in Brazil.

The novelty is part of the Buds2 Pro auto-update and is compatible with Galaxy Z Flip4 5G2 and Galaxy Z Fold4 5G2 foldable models. Additionally, the feature has gained custom settings to make it easier to capture Hi-Fi Hi-Fi Audio3 during your recordings.

Rich details throughout

Galaxy Buds2 Pro’s new 360 Sound Recording feature combines a live multi-channel surround sound system with microphones built into each earbud to make your recordings richer in detail. In this way, everyone who watches it feels at the center of the movement of the recorded content, whether it is a concert, song or panel discussion, among others.

The level of realism and immersion is impressive and made possible by LE Audio technology, a new advanced Bluetooth audio standard that delivers better sound quality, better latency, and longer battery life. And now with the update, LE Audio brings dual nerve recording to the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, using the left and right microphones simultaneously to ensure the highest quality stereo video and audio.

How to record 360 audio with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro

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1. Open the Galaxy Wearable app and tap the Galaxy Buds2 Pro icon paired to your Galaxy smartphone;

2. Enable the “360 Audio” switch to activate 360 ​​Audio and head tracking features4;

3. Now, open the smartphone camera and go to the “Video” option;

4. Press “Settings” (the gear icon) in the upper left corner of the screen;

5. Enter the “Advanced Video Options” option;

6. Press the “360 Audio Recording” key to activate the function.

Once you activate the 360 ​​Audio feature, every time you record a new video, the camera will display the little “360 MIC” notification in the upper right corner of the screen letting you know that the 360-degree audio recording will be done by the microphones on the Buds2 Pro.

Did you like the update? Then be sure to visit the dedicated Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro page to find out more about this product, and visit Samsung Newsroom Brazil to find out all the news from Samsung.

1 The feature will be available on Galaxy Buds2 Pro paired with a Galaxy smartphone running One UI 5.0 or higher and supporting LE Audio, including the Galaxy Z Flip4 5G, Z Fold4 5G, and upcoming Galaxy smartphones. Requires the latest software versions to be installed on the Galaxy smartphone and Galaxy Buds. To enable the feature, go to the Samsung Camera app > Tap Camera Settings after selecting Video Mode > Tap Advanced Video Options > Turn on 360 Audio Recording.

2 devices with 5G technology. Actual speed may vary by country, carrier, and user environment. Check with your operator for availability and details. Download and streaming speeds may vary depending on content provider, server connection, and other factors. You may notice a crease in the center of the main screen. This is a natural feature of a smartphone. The wall charger comes with the Z Flip4 5G and Z Fold4 5G in the box.

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3 A Samsung Galaxy device with One UI 4.0 or higher is required. The Buds2 Pro supports playback of 24-bit Hi-Fi recorded content, however availability of 24-bit Hi-Fi audiovisual content will depend on contract from the service platform offering this type of content.

4 Only available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android One UI version 3.1 or later. 360 head and voice tracking support may vary depending on the application and content. Improved and live multi-channel head tracking is supported in Android One UI version 4.1.1 or later.

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