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Hoytfeldt met Zelensky in Kyiv

Hoytfeldt met Zelensky in Kyiv

Norway’s foreign minister and parliament speaker are Norway’s first official visit to the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv since the war began in February.

– It was very horrific to see and hear people’s words how the war went here. Heitfeldt says this must be investigated, and we cannot allow the perpetrators to be released NRKAfter visiting the towns of Potsja and Irben for the first time.

Butzga became known worldwide after the withdrawal of Russian troops from the areas around Kiev in early April. The bodies of dozens of people in civilian clothes were found, some of them bound and shot at close range. Similar cases have also been reported in Irbin.

– It’s hard and strong to be here. Mass graves and bombings of homes where children live. It is simply evil, Qarahani tells the state channel.

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The Norwegian visit takes place on a symbolic day in Europe and Ukraine, Liberation Day after World War II. In Ukraine, this day was previously celebrated on May 9, the Great Victory Day in Russia and many countries of the former Soviet Union.

This is because the German surrender was signed just after midnight in Moscow. Ukraine held victory marches until 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea.

Since 2015, Ukraine has celebrated Liberation Day on May 8.

Huitfeldt and Gharahkhani laid wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and on the memorial wall of the Saint Michael Monastery for Ukrainians who died in the war from 2014 to 2017, writes NRK.

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Ukrainian authorities posted several photos of the visit here:

Embassy reopens

Meanwhile, Norway appears to be reopening its embassy in the war-torn country, after temporarily placing it in Warsaw, Poland.

– It is very important that we get a partial reopening of the embassy. We cleared the embassy on the night of February 24, just before the war began, and now open it up, at least partially, says Heuitfeldt. TV 2.

It opens the door to better cooperation with the authorities in Ukraine, assures the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

– It is important that we show all the solidarity we can, says the foreign minister.