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HP introduces a foldable screen laptop and more news at Imagine 2023

HP introduces a foldable screen laptop and more news at Imagine 2023

HP Imagine 2023 event presents a laptop with a foldable display, an all-in-one with a focus on portability and a robot to automate blueprint planning in construction

6 October
– 8:13 pm

(Updated 7/10/2023 at 6:07 AM)

This Thursday (5) HP The HP Imagine 2023 conference was held in Palo Alto (California), where it introduced many new features for various markets. Among the main points is the notebook with Foldable screen The HP Specter all-in-one, foldable, fully wireless system.

In addition, the company also launched New line of HyperX peripherals For signage, services targeting the corporate and quality of life market, such as the HP SitePrint printer robot for creating building plans.


What’s new in HP Imagine 2023

Thinking about the consumer market, the two main products introduced were the HP Specter Foldable and the new HP Envy Move, one of the first fully wireless integrated systems, designed to be versatile and portable.

HP Specter foldable computer

The Specter Foldable PC features a 17-inch foldable display that lets you switch between three modes:

  • 12.3 inch compact laptop;
  • Desktop, full screen unlock and built-in support;
  • Or a professional tablet with a pen.

The new device is the first foldable display laptop with built-in AI security, designed for luxury and versatility with gesture control. This includes a system that locks the screen when the user moves away and automatically unlocks it via facial biometrics and an in-use privacy alert using the device’s camera.

To ensure performance and autonomy, the Specter Foldable has the Intel Evo seal, with a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 CPU, Intel Iris Xe GPU, and battery life with 12 hours in laptop mode, and 11 hours in desktop or tablet mode. 16 GB memory, Wi-Fi 6E and 1 TB SSD.

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HP Envy Move all-in-one

Designed to be a highly portable all-in-one, the HP Envy Move features a lightweight design with a carrying strap, a back pocket for the wireless keyboard and trackpad, and a built-in battery for up to 4 hours of battery life, making it one of the first truly portable AiO devices.

The Hp Envy Move has a 23.8-inch QuadHD display and an AI-powered Intelligent Surround system, which detects the user’s position to produce more immersive sound. The model has a 13th generation Intel Core i5 CPU, 16GB LPDDR5 memory, and 1TB of storage.

Other markets

In addition to news for the local market, HP also announced several innovations for the enterprise sector. Among them are two subscription services: Instant Ink, which monitors toner ink levels and sends out new cartridges before the installed ones run out; and HP Wolf Protect, which outsources AI-powered IT support solutions to remote centers.

Its advantages include, for example, determining whether a business device has been lost or stolen and erasing all data on the device remotely, ensuring data security and real-time equipment management.


Finally, the oddball HP introduced was the HP SitePrint printer robot. In civil construction, after the project is completed, it is necessary to transfer this planning to the construction floor, literally.

From wall placement, thickness measurements, beam and rail placement, and even a floor plan with channel path, HP SitePrint can interpret digital blueprints and perform this transfer process more accurately and quickly.

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