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Huawei MatePad 11 arrives in Portugal in August

Huawei MatePad 11 arrives in Portugal in August

a Huawei Surprisingly, the MatePad 11 does not have a Chinese brand chipset. Instead, the new paradigm relies on the strong Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, paired with 6 GB of random access memory (RAM).

In terms of technology drumsHuawei has installed a 7250 mAh battery in the MatePad 11 which, according to the manufacturer, can last up to 12 hours of video playback and can be recharged to 100% in 2.5 hours using the supplied charger. By the way, the power supply is not HUAWEI SuperCharge at 40W, but only 22.5W.

With businesses around the world increasingly adopting the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, allowing people to enjoy their personal devices in the workplace, laptops and tablets are in high demand. Nowadays, in addition to mobile devices, tablets are used as a work device, because they are flexible and efficient. From editing content to browsing the web or viewing documents, there is a lot a tablet can do to increase work productivity.

However, not everyone, especially the recently licensed, wants (or can) pay the amount associated with such a device. For this reason, Huawei is creating products for Quality reasonable prices. On tablets, the highlight goes to the Huawei MatePad 11, which arrives in Portugal in August and offers great versatility at a very competitive price. In addition, Huawei MatePad 11 accessories, such as the Huawei M-Pencil (2nd generation) and keyboard cover, make your productivity even easier. If you are thinking of buying a new tablet for work, let us take you on a guided tour of the Huawei MatePad 11 and find out what the new Huawei tablet has to offer.

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HUAWEI MatePad 11 Voltar

HarmonyOS 2: The organization system you need

The HUAWEI operating system promises to introduce new capabilities for inter-device communication, as well as new security management features. is similar to Android Or now also iPadOS / iOS, HarmonyOS provides the ability to put tools Screen Initial. Revised Control Center provides access to all important settings with just a swipe motion. Thanks to the new “Super Device” button, users now have a live overview and manage device connections (for example, transfer to other devices). Known to us at EMUI as “HUAWEI OneHop”. Screen collaboration or data exchange can be done at any time – simply by dragging and dropping.

Maintaining a tidy and organized office can help save time and improve work productivity. Digital organization and time management are also important. Therefore, HarmonyOS 2, the operating system for the Huawei MatePad 11, offers some useful features to help professionals, especially those who are new to the job market, stay productive and organized.

There is a bottom a program The Dock is located at the bottom of the tablet’s desktop, where you can find the apps you use often. For example, when you enter the desktop, you can go directly to the email app to finish a draft that was waiting for more information, or to the notepad app to finish the minutes of the meeting you just finished. A very useful feature that allows you to get rid of some stress and also the time lost in searching for frequently used apps in the working day.

In Huawei MatePad 11 it is possible to create different widgets for different applications and add them to the home screen. Once created, the tools display all the important information about the apps without the need to open the apps. For example, if you create a calendar widget, the calendar widget will appear and remind you of any upcoming appointments you have on your calendar. Or if you have a Notepad widget, it will give you a summary of your to-do list, so you can always get an overview of your priorities and know exactly when you need to hand each task.

In the workplace, keeping files in the correct folders makes everyday life easier. The file manager uses the new side-by-side column layout, which presents digital files in a cleaner and more logical way and allows you to quickly access the files you need. There is also a grid view and a list view so you can organize your files in any way you see fit. With the Huawei MatePad 11, managing digital files has never been easier!

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The ability to take notes

The new tablet, Huawei MatePad 11, could become one of your best work tools, providing users with note-taking assistance in meetings, workshops and a number of other occasions where identifying POIs is crucial in their daily workday. Firstly, this tablet features a high refresh rate of 120Hz, which means that it supports smoother and more responsive typing. Second, you can access note apps like Jnotes, Noteshelf, and many others. When using the Jnotes app with the M-Pencil to take notes, the tablet supports extremely low latency, on the order of 2ms.

Huawei M-Pencil (2nd generation) offers innovative features that take your tablet handwriting experience to the next level. Among the most impressive features should be mentioned FreeScript which allows you to use the pencil to enter text in any writing field, so you don’t have to switch between pencil and keyboard when you need to type. There’s also Instant Shape that cleverly converts hand-drawn shapes into regular shapes, and Instant Table that lets you draw. Imagine how this function would be especially useful when you are editing a report that includes shapes and graphs.

Powerful browsing and editing

With its 120Hz screen, Huawei MatePad 11 gives you a smooth browsing experience when browsing web pages or documents. The tablet loads content much more smoothly compared to other tablets on the market, whether you are zooming in or out, scrolling up or down. Also, this tablet supports App Multiplier so you can browse two files in a split window. but how?

First, just turn on the Huawei MatePad 11 in landscape mode. Then activate App Multiplier and open an article in a news app, for example. When you’re done with the first page, go to the next page using the space on the left or right side. If it is necessary to compare two files in the same application, App Multiplie has a window blocking feature that can keep two files located on the left and right sides of the screen, making it easier to read and edit in each of them in parallel.

Multitasking skills

Multitasking is believed to be one of the most important skills that one must master in his work. Huawei MatePad 11 supports the latest version of the Multi-Window feature to allow you to process multiple tasks at the same time, allowing us to open several applications at the same time. With a few simple steps, you can activate the multiple windows option and open up to four application windows on the tablet screen.

This feature is very useful for compiling reports or proposals. It allows you to open and edit files such as a spreadsheet and presentation on the left and right side of your screen at the same time. You can then copy and paste text and numbers through it; Adding two floating windows above it, such as a calculator for quick calculations and a messaging app for talking to a client or colleagues, is also a possibility to improve anyone’s productivity.

In addition, with the Bubble function, you will be able to store up to 10 floating windows and quickly switch between multiple tasks, thus improving work efficiency.

Last but not least, Multi-Screen Collaboration features help you use both your laptop and tablet to get the job done more efficiently, and you can choose between sharing, extending, or viewing your computer screen on your tablet, which works in a second screen.

Buying a tablet that fits your needs and helps you achieve your goals has never been easier. The new Huawei MatePad 11 features innovative features that will help you improve your work skills and allow you to achieve higher levels of productivity in your everyday life.

HUAWEI MatePad 11

Release date: August

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