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Huawei overtakes Apple and regains leadership in the Chinese market

Huawei overtakes Apple and regains leadership in the Chinese market

Huawei has overtaken Apple and regained leadership in the Chinese market. The company's share doubled in the first quarter of 2024: by 17% market shareHuawei is technically related to Honor, which, according to the latest data, has 17.1% of the Chinese market.

The information appeared in a survey he conducted IDC (International Data Corporation)a market analysis company, which went public on Thursday (25).

With this growth, the Chinese giant displaced Apple (15.6%) to third place, where it is technically tied with Oppo (15.7%).

Apple is in complicated times in China

The American company is facing a worrying decline in its sales numbers in the Asian country. This is mainly due to slowing sales in China. The top five is closed by Vivo (not the Brazilian phone company), which has a market share of 14.6%.

In addition to the decline in iPhone sales, the company was forced to recalculate sales expectations for the Vision Pro mixed reality headset to less than half in 2024.

The Asian country's smartphone market is the largest in the world. In the first quarter of the year alone, the brand sold 69 million units of smartphones in the region.

With the exception of the first two companies in the rankings, all companies making up the top 5 suffered a significant loss in market share in the first three months of the year. However, what's really impressive is Huawei's extraordinary growth, which has hit the mark despite problems in the supply chain.

After a worrying decline with the launch of the Mate 60 phone, in the third quarter of last year, the company was able to suddenly recover. This is mainly due to the Nova 12 series devices, which are responsible for more than 30% of its sales.

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Last week, the company launched the Pura 70 line, a premium smartphone with a strong focus on artificial intelligence. Even amid the controversy over a feature that can undress people in photos using artificial intelligence, the company expects very high sales volume in the coming months.