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Huawei Watch Fit 3: We reveal the most important features of the new smart watch

Huawei Watch Fit 3: We reveal the most important features of the new smart watch

Huawei has just launched a new wearable device within its already wide and diverse range. The Watch Fit 3 arrives two years after its predecessor's launch and brings with it a host of new features, from a squarer design to a more user-friendly and more complete interface.

For a week we lived day by day with the new Watch Fit 3, exploring its new features and the “Fashion Squared” design concept, which the brand introduced in its first square smartwatch.

Square design and its features

Huawei Watch Fit 3 on display

Looking at the smartwatch market, the dominance of the circular shape is clear and Huawei wants to break this situation with its first square model. The design of the Watch Fit 3 was developed within the Fashion Squared concept and arrives with an aesthetic aimed at attracting users who want a visually unique watch that is also a fashion piece.

But the attractions of this square design don't stop there. The square dial also allows for a large amount of information to be displayed on a single screen and for optimal readability of that information, in indoor and outdoor environments.

In terms of comfort in use, the square design fits the user's wrist well and since it is 9.9mm thick and weighs only 26 grams (without the band), it is very comfortable to wear, and does not represent additional weight when resting or doing any physical activity.

Huawei Fit 3 watch buttons

The square design is complemented by two buttons that make the wearable easy to navigate and make it very intuitive. The button on the lower right side gives instant access to different modes and resources for physical activity with a simple touch.

The button in the top area, also located on the right side, directs the user to the main menu. But this button has a trick up its sleeve: its rotating crown. By rotating the crown, all menu icons not only become larger, but also gain captions.

This is a particularly useful feature for anyone who is using a Huawei smartwatch for the first time and is not well acquainted with the brand's graphics. But it also proves to be very practical for those who know Huawei smartwatches well, as it makes it easier to read the options available.

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Huawei Watch Fit 3 with Snap bracelet

To meet every user's style requirements, Watch Fit 3 has multiple straps. They are: green, pink, white and black in fluoroelastomer, gray in nylon and white in leather. They can be easily changed using the simple and quick installation system. The band comes off easily with one touch of the dedicated button, and the new band simply installs.

The icing on the cake are the new and exclusive watch faces that are now available that add another way to interact and enjoy this wearable device.

In short, Watch Fit 3's streamlined, square-shaped body suits any occasion or style. This elegant model, with a thickness of 9.9 mm and a weight of 26 grams, also adds elegance thanks to its precise design and distinct style.

Diverse compatibility and easy pairing

Huawei Watch Fit 3 pairing

One of the relevant points to consider when purchasing a new smartwatch is its compatibility with the smartphone that the user already owns. And in this area, the Watch Fit 3 shows a lot of versatility.

It's obviously compatible with Huawei terminals, but it also includes support for both Android and iOS smartphones. Yes, whatever brand your phone is, the Watch Fit 3 will pair amicably and you won't have to justify buying a new model.

Speaking of pairing, it is very simple and quick and is done using the built-in Bluetooth 5.2 technology. Simply activate this feature on both devices to find each other and then follow all the steps given on the screen.

For Huawei smartphone users, pairing can also be done through the brand's health app using a QR code.

Hero autonomy for up to 10 days

Huawei watch fit 3 autonomy

When we're faced with a device that's designed to be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, autonomy is what sets it apart. Huawei announces a battery life of up to 10 days, on a single charge, under what is called normal use.

With intensive use of the equipment, the brand warns that autonomy may decrease to seven days. This article covers a week's experience with the Watch Fit 3 and verified the advertised times.

The wearable shipped at the beginning of the week and arrived at the end of that week with a charge for a few more days. It should be noted that all features were enabled and that GPS was used at three different times during this time period.

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Huawei Watch Fit 3 charging

The built-in 400mAh battery endured the entire experience with stability. It takes about 60 minutes to fully charge, but a quick 10-minute charge allows for a full day of regular operation.

Charging is done via a magnetic pin system, similar to its predecessor. But with the Watch Fit 3, there's no need for gymnastics or a special method to very easily attach the screws to the back panel of the wearable.

Wide and bright screen

Huawei Watch Fit 3 external screen

The Watch Fit 3's 2.5D AMOLED display measures 1.82 inches and offers a resolution of 408 x 408 pixels. The screen-to-body ratio is 77.43%. What's more: This model offers 1500 nits of brightness as well as automatic adjustment of different brightness levels.

In practical terms, these technical specifications translate into improved visibility of all content displayed on the screen when we are outdoors. The large size of the screen helps you read all the displayed data very well.

During physical activity, data is displayed in an easy-to-read size, and even with the sun shining overhead, smaller information – such as the time or battery status – can be easily perceived.

Huawei watch fit 3 home screen

Another interesting point is that the screen lights up when it “feels” that the user turns his wrist to look at the screen. It does not fail to interest and allows to consult information such as time, date, steps taken and even quick access to some sports and health resources at any time.

But when it's time to rest, whether at night or during an unexpected nap, the display also senses the “blissful state” of the resting body and turns off its light so as not to disturb you.

A catalyst for an active lifestyle

Activity rings for Huawei Watch Fit 3

This smart watch is an excellent motivator for an active lifestyle. The updated interface brings with it activity rings that show – in graphs and numbers – the time the user stands, the exercise completed, the movement and calories burned. Yes, trying to fill circles is a powerful motivation for a more active life.

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Then we have Huawei TruSport, which includes more than 100 sports modes, with four new features: football, basketball, padel and e-sports. This model also has training modes for track running, outdoor running, indoor running, jumping rope, pool swimming, and even open water swimming.

Huawei Watch Fit 3 Walk

Watch Fit 3 also has the ability to formulate personalized training plans, based on the user's physical condition. And as a bonus, a new Track Running mode. It uses a GNSS positioning chip to accurately record the user's running path, as well as the distance traveled and pace achieved.

Fits Huawei Watch 3 sports scales

There's no shortage of options for serious athletes, and with so much variety, beginners or less keen sports enthusiasts will feel motivated to 'get involved'.

Advanced health monitoring

Huawei Watch Fit 3 sleeps

The Huawei Watch Fit 3 brings some new health-targeted features. TruSleep 4.0 technology provides detailed analysis of the user's sleep quality and patterns.

Data on sleep stages are now available, as well as physiological indicators such as heart rate, oxygen saturation and respiratory rate. This way, you can detect apnea and help detect sleep apnea, if it is the case.

Huawei watch fit 3 heart rate

The Watch Fit 3 has another cool feature: it can detect naps and lets you schedule a rest time outside of the night. This feature can be very useful for all users who want to restore power in the middle of the day.

In turn, TruSeen 5.5 technology has also been updated, and now provides more accurate monitoring of heart rate and blood oxygen levels, in addition to daily stress levels. All parameters are permanently visible, in color graphics.

Huawei Watch Fit 3 stress

The Huawei Watch Fit 3 is now available on the Portuguese market at a price between €159 and €179 (model with leather strap). This is the brand's first smartwatch with a square design and also features square features and technology.

Huawei Watch Fit 3

Huawei Watch Fit 3

a screen: AMOLED, 1.82 inches

Accuracy: 408 x 408 pixels

battery: 400 mAh

download: Magnetic system

independence: Up to 10 days

Global Positioning System: Yes

Sports modes: More than 100 modes

health: Heart rate monitoring, Sp02, stress levels, women's health, sleep quality