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Hubert Cousin sentenced to 30 years in prison - Released

Hubert Cousin sentenced to 30 years in prison – Released

After seven-and-a-half hours of deliberation, the Lower-Atlantic Assassination Court found Hobart Cousin guilty of four times the murder of the Trotech family in February 2017 near Nantes. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison and his ex-partner to three years in prison, one of which was closed for related offenses.

“Mr. Cousin looks like four people have died in a horrific bloodbath […]», Attorney General Charlotte Cassera argued during his indictment, before serving a life sentence with 22 years of protection. “He has no doubt going out.” This Wednesday evening, after seven-thirty minutes of deliberation, the Lower-Atlantic Assassination Court found Hubert Cousin guilty of four times the murder of the Trotec family, in February 2017, in Arwald, near Nantes. In keeping with the change of sanity, Hubert Cousin reduced his sentence to thirty years of criminal imprisonment. His former accomplice, Litty Trotech, opened fire “Crime scene change” And “Hiding corpses”, Without changing the verdict, he was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison, one of which was suspended. She is going to jail tonight. The sentence was slightly lower than requested by the Advocate General, who required three years in prison.

Three weeks of intense – and sometimes unbearable – debate in the courtroom with scarlet walls, the two accused of being unarmed normal, preceded the announcement of the verdict. Hubert Cousin, 50, worked at the Brest Armory. He answered the president’s questions accurately “Full of black holes”. On the night of February 16 to 17, 2017, armed with cockroaches, he chained his nephew, nephew, nephew, and nephew. He hits, gives “One side foot”, “One blow to knock out”, “A shot to go”, But not really without Views, He said at the bar.

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49 years for Brigitte and Pascal Trotech. Charlotte and Sebastian, 18 and 21. He says he does not want to kill them, repeats that he was attacked because Trotteck entered their lodge at night, he only defended himself. “So, you’re alone in front of the four people who killed each other. Everyone’s dead, but you’re not hurt?” The head of the court provoked him. To her, the “The scene described makes no sense”.

“No chance to know”

No murder weapon. The bodies of the victims were cut with a kitchen knife and some of the skin was removed. Skulls were never found. For three days, on his farm in Finister, Hubert Couchin worked to make every part of his crime disappear, to the point of thorning muscles and viscera in the hope that they would be eaten by wild animals.

Advocate General a «Massacre And underlined “Used to remove interruptions” Victims, which leaves the arbitral tribunal “No chance to know” How they died. The techniques used by investigators to collect human remains are used in the aftermath of air disasters or attacks, he noted. In the end, 2,914 bone fragments, weighing 300 grams, and “379 pieces of meat” Hubert Cousin destroyed the bodies of the accused on Breton Farm.

Behind this murderous madness, a fear is so overwhelming and irrational. Hubert Couchin firmly believes that he has been wronged by the Trotskyists. In his head, he is sure, Brigitte and Pascal lost a precious robbery, a family treasure in the form of gold bars, and their share. If he went to their house in Arwald that night, it was because he loved them. “Spy”, Gather evidence to prove what he says.

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The psychiatrists interviewed in turn described the feeling of spoilage and drowned the accused. “Immediate risk of death guaranteed” Which led him to commit these crimes. “Material is detached from reality”, “His faith overcame all evidence and all counter-arguments”, Psychiatrist Roland Codonso explained, emphasizing the fact that it is not possible to deceive Hubert Cousin experts: “Don’t find a maze you want […]. Reflecting madness is not so easy. ” According to psychiatrist Daniel Zaguri, the accused was in distress “The paranoid torture of the description”. The Advocate General had openly asked the jurors not to “Ignore” The change of this wisdom. “Monsieur Cousin is very dangerous”.

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