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Huge demonstrations in Israel demanding Netanyahu's resignation

Huge demonstrations in Israel demanding Netanyahu's resignation

The largest demonstration took place in Tel Aviv, where several thousand people gathered demanding that the government must reach a ceasefire agreement with Hamas so that the hostages in the Gaza Strip could be released. The demonstrators are also demanding the resignation of Netanyahu's government and the call for new elections.

The demonstrators also included many relatives of the hostages, who condemned the government's handling of the hostage issue.

– For six months we have lived in a nightmare that began on the dreaded Saturday at 6:29 a.m., a continuous nightmare that is getting worse and worse. Esther Buchstab, the mother of the hostage Yagiv Buchstab, said in a statement: It has been read.

Bushstab continued: – We call on the state to do everything in its power to reach an agreement, to return the living to rehabilitation and the dead to burial.

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Newspaper Haaretz Reports of clashes breaking out between demonstrators and police.

The newspaper also wrote that five demonstrators were hit by a car that refused to obey police orders. According to hospital sources, the injury of one of the five was serious, while the injuries of the other four were only minor.

Demonstrations were also held in Jerusalem and Beersheba in southern Israel on Saturday evening.

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