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Hugo is strong in a new teaser from A Plague Tale Requiem; paying off

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If you haven’t played the first game in the franchise, A Plague Tale: InnocenceYou may have missed Hugo getting the ability to control mice.

This Wednesday (12) video was posted by concentration He reveals that Hugo’s powers will begin again. However, in A Plague’s Tale: Requiem They will have some slight differences, as we can see in teaser.

With Hugo, you can control hordes of mice and unleash them on anyone who stands in your way. As for it being fatal, that depends.

The long-awaited sequel to A Plague Tale

Evidence that the powers will have some subtle changes is that you can hear the protagonist Amecia comment that she needs more mice. So you can count on a puzzle or two where she has to put monsters together.

It certainly seemed, compared to the original, that Amecia and little brother Hugo would be less afraid of the same mice.

Unfortunately, Hugo do not shout “Activate the Rat’s powers!” , But after the madness of the end A Plague Tale: InnocenceWe look forward to seeing what Asobo Studio brings to players.

A Plague’s Tale: Requiem reach to Play Station 5, Xbox Series X | S, PC And the Nintendo Switch On October 18. It will also be available through PRAÇA Game pass And the Xbox Game Pass.

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