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Hugo Viana reviews the upcoming market: “We are always hostage to sales” – Sporting

Hugo Viana reviews the upcoming market: “We are always hostage to sales” – Sporting

The season is now over, but that does not mean that Hugo Viana will have less work in the coming months. With the transfer window now approaching, Sporting's director of football is considering any scenario, and in an interview with the “Geração 80” podcast, from SIC Notícias, he gave a first look at what could be a hectic closed season, ensuring that the Lions will have to sell assets.

“We always have a lot of work. Portuguese clubs always have work and they always have to sell. We are hostage to sales. In order to be able to buy, we have to sell… But I like these challenges,” he explained, considering that this not only makes the club itself grow, But also Amorim, President Frederico Varandas and the Leonine Club.

In charge of the green and white team's entry and exit area, Viana does not escape the main topic that promises to shake up the Leonin market: the greed surrounding Giocris, the armored striker for 100 million euros. He stressed, “I don't know if he will stay. I think Victor is happy. But football is dynamic. He had an excellent season and an offer may or may not arrive.”

The Swede is a success story, and with that in mind, Hugo Viana explained how the club convinces these athletes. “Not long ago, a player said, ‘Everything you told me could happen with my arrival, everything you said about the club, was absolutely true.’ We can’t lie about the club. The biggest compliment I can take is that.” Confirm.

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From the high demands he felt on the street to his father's travels

At the start of the conversation on the “Geração 80” programme, Sporting's director of football recalled his journey with the Lions as a footballer, where he won the 2001/2002 title as a player and has not forgotten his roots before arriving in the green and white at just 13 years old. . Years. After years as a child watching Gil Vicente train, he changed his surroundings, but he never forgot his growth in Barcelos. “I'll go more often now [a Barcelos] Because of my father's illness. My kids love learning about their parents' roots. “It will be a milestone in my life,” said Viana, who also felt the demands of his current position at the club. In Sporting’s first year, a fan in the street asked “So, what are you doing here?” and I had gone to dinner. “I am not giving up my life,” he stressed. Personality for football.

The title began with Robin's regeneration

Throughout the interview in which he revealed more about his daily life professionally, Hugo Viana does not forget the work he has done in conjunction with Federico Varandas and Ruben Amorim, to the point of confirming that the renewal of the coach will still take place in November 2022, the starting shot for the 2023/24 title season. . “We have an idea of ​​what we want for the club. The most notable was last year. Robin was the coach when we were in fourth place and he ended up revamping it. I even think the revamp was the first step or the most important step towards winning the championship this year,” he explained, recalling the project. : “It is not 2 or 3 defeats that change the way we work.”

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