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Hulk is expelled in Brazil and the rebels: “One more month here and I will leave.”

Hulk is expelled in Brazil and the rebels: “One more month here and I will leave.”

Brazilian footballer Hulk, who rose to prominence in Portugal during his time at FC Porto, received two yellow cards for protests in the final match of the match. Atletico Mineiro draws with America MineiroOn Saturday evening, in the end, he did not hide his anger, making it clear in his statements that he would not continue in Brazilian football after this season.

“It’s disrespectful, I’m fed up, I’m fed up with Brazil. Another month here and I will leave,” he said while still on the field.

“The dispute was over the body, so I defeated the body. He missed and got yellow. Nobody has cockroach blood. “We work hard, we give up a lot of things, we leave our families at home, to come here and do our best.”

“I told the fourth official that I wanted to appear. He said he would put that in the report and I told him, “You can say you only want to show up, because you only show up when you want to hurt us.” The player fell to the ground and I went to talk to him. He walked away rudely. The American player himself said that he was rude. I got there to talk to him calmly: if you want to be answered, you can call once, twice ten times, but in the match against São Paulo it was the same referee and he gave 12 minutes. 12! There was only one thing and that was the penalty kick. Here the whole match stops and he is given 6 minutes?” Hulk asked, before the strong sentence in which he indicated that he would “leave” at the end of 2023.

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Meanwhile, Itatiaya Radio reported the referee’s report in the past hours, explaining the reasons for Hulk’s expulsion. “After being warned with a yellow card for the complaint, he began uttering the following words: ‘Get up, you son of a bitch, damn it.’ Then he made a burglary gesture and said: ‘Simply ridiculous.’”