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Hulk soccer player to be a father for the fourth time

Hulk soccer player to be a father for the fourth time

The former FCPorto player made the news on social networks, happy to see his family grow. The child would be Hulk’s fourth child, and the first in his relationship with Camila Angelou.

“For the fourth time I’ve been blessed with another baby,” soccer star Givanildo Sousa, the famous Hulk, announced on Instagram, leaving “with a heart full of gratitude to God” on the news.

The child is the result of his current relationship with Camila Angelou, who is the niece of his ex-wife, Iran Angelou, with whom he has three children, Ian, 13, Thiago, 11, and Alice.

“My heart is overflowing with happiness,” the former FCPorto player added, commenting on photos with his girlfriend, in which the couple showed ultrasound photos.

Eager to welcome another baby, Hulk just wants the baby to come “healthy,” to join his older siblings.

Currently playing for Atlético Mineiro in Brazil, the ace has often tried to be with the children, which was not the case when he was in Shanghai, after his separation from Iran.

The relationship with Camila was assumed in December 2019, and at the time, it was worth talking about it because the young woman was her ex-niece, with whom she was very close. Later, Camilla wrote a letter to Iran explaining that there was no betrayal and that “we do not rule our hearts.”