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Humanity will debut on PS Plus in May

Humanity will debut on PS Plus in May

Confirmed to be the next debut in the PlayStation Plus catalog, Humanity is available for all add-on and premium levels of the Sony service.

Humanity will be available on May 16th, and will debut on launch day on PS Plus Extra and Premium, allowing subscribers to experience a whimsical action puzzle game made in Japan at no additional cost.

Developed by Enhance, the same makers of Rez Infinite and Tetris Effect, Humanity puts you in control of a bright shiba inu dog. Through it, you can direct hordes of people by placing orders on the ground to carry out the actions you perform.

The game introduces mechanics such as turning to a certain side, jumping, swimming, or climbing through the increasingly complex levels, and the goal is to ensure that everyone reaches the objectives.

Humanity includes a story mode with several scenarios full of puzzles and platformer action to test your reflexes. The introduction of new mechanics is ongoing and the game intends to introduce challenges so that you will never feel ready for humanity.

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