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Humiliation and tears.  How the Queen got revenge on Meghan Markle... after she made the biggest mistake ever - The Mag

Humiliation and tears. How the Queen got revenge on Meghan Markle… after she made the biggest mistake ever – The Mag

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are back in London for the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. After all they said about the Windsor family and the serious accusations they made against the royal family – which they called “The Company”, reminiscent of a mafia organization – The decision to return to the UK ended with the surprise of the Queen herself, who had expected her grandson and stepmother to decline another invitation, as they had done several times over the past year.. But this time the Duchess of Sussex said “yes” – which also surprised Prince Harry – not out of affection for her husband’s grandmother, but out of a plan that he began some time ago sketching in his head. Meghan Markle saw this return to London as her second last-minute plan. Realize that all your Dreams Failed After turning her back on England’s royal family, the American fancied that she could reclaim her privileged position within the House of Windsor. Again, your strategy was completely wrong, like Queen Elizabeth II had a well-designed purpose to show her grandson and former Hollywood actress her role from now on.

Revenge has been made! Harry and Meghan Markle will taste their own poison. It kicked off Thursday, June 2nd during the Color Squad Celebrations. Show up on the porch and wave themes? No way! The couple had to stay in the shade And worst of all, they only had Windsor children for the company. Near Sussex, no adults were seen illusion I had to swallow the pride and keep the smile (yellow). While at Buckingham Palace. Then came Friday, June 3, and so, in an open fashion, the couple let themselves be seen at the entrance to the cathedral of São Paulo where Mass is being held in honor of the King. As they were going up the stairs, they heard a buzzing sound, something no other member of the royal family had done. People basically expressed themselves for what the Dukes had to say in that horrific interview with Oprah Winfrey. It is difficult to forget and the memory is not short.

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The Queen did not adhere to the tradition of walking the streets of London, but was on the balcony of the palace to watch the military parade, one of the first celebrations of the reign of the Queen of England. At the age of 96, Elizabeth II became Britain’s longest-reigning queen.

Humiliation and humiliation for Harry

Harry’s longest and greatest was then followed by 19 minutes. The prince realized at that very moment how much his importance had diminished.. He was forced to wait to enter brother William, his sister-in-law Kate Middleton, and his sons George and Charlotte to enter first. Then he had to wait for the arrival of his father, Prince Charles, and Camilla Parker Bowles. They have done royal elements with an important role in the monarchy. Inside the cathedral, a new insult. They sat in the second row, at a great distance from the real “stars” of the Windsor family. According to the British newspaper, “The Sun”, experts say that Harry even tried to make several jokes in front of the younger family members, and that he searched the pocket of his suit several times, showing tension and a little anxiety. He never had any eye contact with his brother and sister-in-law. A clear stab at Harry’s pride. But That’s what he wanted and that’s what Grandma gave him! Also worth noting is the couple’s sudden departure from the liturgy. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex ended up not joining the royals and other special guests at a pre-arranged reception. The two were immediately transferred to Windsor and They have always kept their distance from William and Kate Middleton.

During the festivities, something else hit hard on the youngest son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana.. We talk about family harmony, which was demonstrated through television images. The Prince of Wales has proven to be a loyal grandfather to William’s three children and even the Queen did not fail to show a smile with young Louis.. Moreover, up to andThis closeness seems to have been properly thought through until Harry realizes what he’s missing out on when he decides to listen to the woman and leave all his past, his family, and his country behind. But there is more… because everything has meaning in this jubilee. On the balcony, Queen Elizabeth II appeared alongside her son and heir, Charles, William and Kate, with their three children: they represent the present and future of the English crown. clearly, Meghan and Harry are not part of this plan. A bath from reality really affected the rebellious prince and the Queen’s favorite grandson.

The “coup” that upsets Megan

But if Harry is hurt so deeply, Meghan Markle is worried about the future. This trip helped her realize that she cannot go back to England and pretend that nothing happened. When she left her husband’s country in 2020 and turned down any role as a member of the royal family, the ‘Suits’ actress was convinced her life would enjoy an even bigger ‘upgrade’ than the Duchess of Sussex had already. She imagined herself living with the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and contested by the most respected directors. But two years after their passing, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t have much to offer. On a professional level, they did very little and the invitations never rained. Moreover, the few that came out were canceled or postponed. The desire to become “financially independent” is on the verge of failure, Because what they earned is hardly enough for the millionaire’s expenses especially with the lavish mansion they bought in Montecito, an upscale neighborhood in Los Angeles.

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When they arrived in the US, there was actually a lot of curiosity about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.. So it is not surprising that the couple were approached to sign contracts with some audio-visual “giants” and some producers. An example of this is the contract that millions have signed with Netflix and Spotify to produce content under their own brand, Archewell Audio. He was also signed with Apple TV, which aired a five-episode documentary series of Harry with Oprah Winfrey, “The Me You Can’t See.” But there’s more: until things appear to be on their way, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were present at The Invictus Games accompanied by the Netflix film crew. In addition, Meghan’s much-anticipated archetypes podcast was also announced that will focus on female stereotypes. However, Netflix has turned down bigger projects like Megan’s children’s show, claiming she doesn’t have the money to go forward. These unexpected problems that have arisen put the couple under a lot of pressure because they have nothing else to offer. And what they have does not matter to the audience. The popularity of the Sussex family continues to decline and no one cares about them anymore. It won’t be because it’s a children’s show with a Meghan Markle stamp that people will start watching. This means that Harry and the woman’s names, per se, no longer sell.

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The royal family joined Queen Elizabeth II on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the jubilee celebrations. The ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of the British Queen’s accession lasts four days.

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The Duchess of Sussex’s big mistake

When Harry and Meghan moved to Hollywood and set up shop on their own, they were a highly sought after product. The major production companies were eager to be able to strike deals with the couple. Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan wanted to earn as much money as possible, so they signed contracts lasting more than five years, which allowed them to pay a lot of money. But if the amounts are already very generous, then there must be a decent return. But it can’t be denied, they still haven’t produced muchThe loss of interest in Harry and Meghan Markle had a lot to do with how they were able to leave England. The biggest mistake I’ve ever made,” Nick Eddy, a public relations specialist, told ‘Closer’ English. Accusing Windsor of racism and indifference to the plight of the former actress was a real bullet in her foot. Specialists in this matter are of the opinion that they would have received much more advantages if they had reached the United States and She continued to act like royalty. That yes, it was what the Americans wanted from the couple. You have some kind of property. This would be the great asset and passport to the wealth and fame that Meghan Markle wanted. It wasn’t smart, and Harry, who loved the woman so much, allowed himself to go into this rage against his family.

Royal elegance at a mass in honor of Queen Elizabeth II

But now that the damage is done, Nick Eddy is defending the aforementioned post: “From a PR perspective, it seems to me that it was a mistake to promote these big deals and projects before they had tangible content. This now puts them under enormous pressure and scrutiny. Both desperately need work. People will feel confused, frustrated or bored.“While Meghan had experience in the world of Hollywood, Harry didn’t. Which is why this PR expert says the Prince must necessarily get started:”Right now, Harry isn’t doing anything he didn’t do in Kings. I don’t think he has any knowledge of showbiz. The doors opened at first, but that didn’t happen anymore. They both need to work on their next moves to save themselves from further scrutiny, and they should do so as soon as possible.. “

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