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Hundreds of Latin Americans evacuated from Ukraine |  world and science

Hundreds of Latin Americans evacuated from Ukraine | world and science

Thousands of people are trying to leave the Ukrainian capital Kyiv by train Daniel Leal / Agence France-Presse

Posted on 02/28/2022 21:01

Its governments have said that hundreds of citizens of Latin American countries have been evacuated from Ukraine since the start of the armed conflict with Russia, others are waiting for help and some have fled the theater of war on their own.

Some of the more than 1,000 Latin Americans who lived in Ukraine when the invasion began were expelled by their governments by land and air, with the joint administration of their advisors and embassies in Kyiv and neighboring capitals.

Some Latin American countries, such as Chile and Uruguay, lack physical diplomatic representation in Ukraine, so they had to resort to the efforts of their embassies in neighboring countries, such as Poland and Romania.

Other countries, such as Argentina, Brazil and Peru, have organized special operations with official vehicles and military aircraft to transport their citizens and even those of other countries in the region.


The government says there are about 500 Brazilians in Ukraine. Nearly 80 have already left the country via Poland and Romania, aided by embassy relocation. On Sunday, 39 people – 37 Brazilians and two Uruguayans – arrived at the Brazilian embassy in Bucharest, including two football players and their families.

The government continues to try to locate Brazilians in Ukraine, with the support of the embassy in Warsaw, and has set up an outpost on the border with Moldova. The Brazilian Air Force offered two evacuation aircraft.


A total of 83 Argentines live in Ukraine and 20 pass through, Ukraine’s foreign ministry said, and it evacuated five couples who had come to Kyiv to pick up their newborns from their surrogates.

The Argentine Embassy in Kyiv is one of four Latin American diplomatic offices in Ukraine and is working with countries in the region on a joint plan to evacuate and assist citizens.


A total of 49 Chileans and their families reside in Ukraine, according to Chilean consulate records in Poland, as the country does not have an embassy in Kyiv. Interim Chancellor Carolina Valdivia has offered to evacuate “by road transport” across the Polish border.

President Sebastian Pinera said five Chileans used this route until Saturday and arrived safely on Polish territory, where they were treated. Another nine close to the border had contact with the government.


There are 253 Colombians in Ukraine, and as of Sunday, 76 Colombians have left the country. Bogotá, through its embassy in Poland, organized the transfer of the displaced to shelters that, according to the Colombian government itself, had been preparing for at least a month.


The government said about 320 Peruvians are staying in Ukraine and at least 196 will be evacuated “at any time to the Polish border,” where a Peruvian air force plane is waiting. Lima explained that Peruvians and their children who were born on Ukrainian soil without a passport have been given a safe passage.


The nine Uruguayans who are registered in Ukraine have already left the country via Poland and Moldova, although the government does not rule out the presence of more people.

Some actually travel to other European destinations, others stay in Krakow (Poland), with the help of the embassy in Finland, and the rest in Bucharest (Romania), with the support of their embassy in the country.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that there were 10 Guatemalans in Ukraine and only one had requested to be evacuated. The Embassy in Germany has opened a special registry to provide assistance to all of them.

Understanding the conflict

Ukraine’s conflict over Russia began on Thursday, 24, after Russian President Vladimir Putin allowed military forces into the eastern European country. The invasion culminated in air, sea, and land attacks, with several cities bombed, including the capital, Kyiv, leaving more than 130 dead and more than 300 wounded. This is the largest military operation within a European country since World War II.

The attack sparked an international outcry, with emergency meetings planned in several countries, and statements from many leaders around the world condemning the Russian attack on Ukraine. As a result of the invasion, countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and the European Union bloc announced economic sanctions against Russia.

The invasion came two days after the Russian government recognized the independence of two separate regions in eastern Ukraine – Donetsk and Luhansk provinces. With these attacks, Putin intends to achieve disarmament and the elimination of the “Nazis,” according to the Russian president.

Putin’s other motives for invading Ukraine are due to the country’s rapprochement with the West, with the eastern European country potentially being part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO),
The international military alliance, the European Union, in addition to the ambition to expand the Russian territory to increase the power of influence in the region.

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