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Hungarian swimmer reveals: 'I was sexually assaulted by my father. I was a doll' - the modalities

Hungarian swimmer reveals: ‘I was sexually assaulted by my father. I was a doll’ – the modalities

Liliana Szilagyi, a medalist in European swimming in Glasgow (Scotland), in 2016, revealed on Thursday that she had been sexually assaulted by her father. Through a lengthy social media post, the Hungarian swimmer gave an impressive (and shocking) account of the years and years of psychological, physical and sexual torture she says she suffered at the hands of Zoltan Szilagy.

“I have been abused. After 25 years, I am ready to say the harshest words I have ever said. After all the pain and struggle and as far as I know it is a very divisive topic, I am going to talk about this because I feel it is really necessary, begins to reveal, and continues: “I have been abused. . And by a man from whom I should have received the greatest love and acceptance. My father has abused before. physically. spiritually. sexually. since childhood. Constantly and unexpectedly, if I am in a good mood, I will enjoy exercising your power over me. Be it corporal punishment, intimidation, love and attention, or sexual assault.”

In addition to the sexual abuse she experienced, Liliana also revealed that her mother also suffered from abuse, reporting the horror that lives daily within four walls. “I lived inside a shell where I thought it was normal. Where my mom would appear fainted in front of me if he didn’t like something she said or did. Like when my mom was pregnant with me. Where if I wasn’t” R. If he achieved a good result, which he expected, I was always punished. where I cannot have my words, or my idea, or my opinion, or my purpose,”

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Liliana says she was a “perfect doll” in her father’s hands. “My father, who would do anything for many years to accept and love me until I realized that I was living a perfect illusion. In this world, I was just a tool, a perfect doll. After all, the outside world is not like he has seen nothing more than a loving family, with universal success and achievements. Everyone has seen him beat us up at home. We defended him and his actions, because if we didn’t, he would have done unspeakable and unimaginable things as a result. It could be because he slowly underestimated our personalities, robbing our consciences and our emotions,” he assumed.

In 2016, that was the moment he said “enough” and cut ties with his father. Today, five years after ending that relationship, he assumes that his report may not be enough for people to believe his words, something that has been repeated since the end of the Europeans.

“It has been a long journey that I have left behind now. In 2016, after the European Championships, I cut ties with my father and since then I have been called a general nun and a strange girl who was never understood. From this some people will not believe me and some will hate me. My father will surely have an answer to That. My father is Dr. Zoltan Szilagy, who is a wealthy, well-educated lawyer and swimming coach who works with children. No one will surely be able to believe that this will be his true self behind closed doors.”