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Hungary and Cape Verde agree on seven weekly flights

Hungary and Cape Verde agree on seven weekly flights

a The Cape Verde Civil Aviation Agency announced that the agreement is valid “for any type of aircraft and for passenger and cargo operations.”

This understanding comes after a meeting in Praia between delegations from agencies from both countries, with the common goal of increasing capacity, in order to reflect the growing demand for air services between Hungary and Cape Verde, whose capitals are separated by borders. About 5300 km.

Cape Verde's airport infrastructure began construction in April (Sal, Praia, São Vicente and Mayo airports) after the concession was awarded to the multinational company Vinci, which intends to bring more international flights to the archipelago.

European low-cost carrier EasyJet announced on Wednesday that it will begin connecting the island of Sal and Portugal in October.

In April, during the visit of Portuguese Prime Minister Luis Montenegro to Praia, Cape Verdean Prime Minister Ulises Correa e Silva said that the air agreement between the two countries would be reviewed.

Hotel establishments in Cape Verde welcomed one million guests in 2023, a new record, in line with the growth trend of the sector, which represents about a quarter of the annual wealth produced by the archipelago.

However, domestic flights remain uncertain: the franchise operator Bestfly has closed its operations in the archipelago, and the state-owned Transportes Aéreos de Cabo Verde (TACV) has chartered planes to neighboring Senegal to maintain connections, but without being able to avoid frequent cancellations. .

Cape Verde's Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Olavo Correa asked on Friday to “correct” the defects, sending the announcement of solutions to the next few days.

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