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Hyperloop is Musk’s dream to reach Europe in 2040

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The world’s most modern means of transportation are taking their first steps in development in countries such as Spain and the Netherlands. The first trajectory pilot of this suspended capsule is scheduled to begin just seven years from now.

We are still a long way from traveling across Europe or going to work in suspended capsules moving in record time inside a tube, but dozens of companies are working – with millions of euros – to ensure that the first regional routes arrive in 2040.

The hyperloop system came from the mind of billionaire Elon Musk exactly ten years ago, and a decade later, it began to materialize from a completely abstract concept into a concrete plan, with models and low-pressure tubes on the ground. Jornal Economico (JE) was in Rotterdam to visit the headquarters of Hardt Hyperloop, one of the companies developing the project in Europe, and saw the first 30 meters of future transport lines on the Old Continent.

“The potential is huge, because you can travel between major European cities in a maximum of three hours and at a cost 10% less than high-speed trains. I honestly believe that Europe can have its own place in technology here, just as SpaceX did in the space sector. Europe needs this, but must marshal the forces to make it a reality, Tim Hutter, co-founder of Hardt Hyperloop, told reporters.

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