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Hyundai shows off its futuristic headlight system.  Learn about High Resolution Lighting System technology

Hyundai shows off its futuristic headlight system. Learn about High Resolution Lighting System technology

The South Korean company Hyundai Mobis announced the development of the HD lighting system. It is an advanced vehicle headlight that displays real-time driving information as a clear LED light on the road in front of the driver’s eyes. This lighting and information concept brings 250 times more small LED lights to the market than common headlights. Watch the video that explains how the revolutionary technology works.

Hyundai introduces smart lighting for its cars

With the development of the automobile itself, and the introduction of new concepts with the electrification of vehicles, other component developments also appear. An example is the auto industry's own headlight technology, which is advancing at a great pace and achieving amazing results. Within this region, the furnitureHyundai's technology company has unveiled one of its latest and most innovative concepts.

The display of the high-resolution lighting system shows the South Korean company's efforts to develop the concept of a smart beacon capable of "drawing" information and alerts on the road.

According to Hyundai, this system visualizes real-time directional information detected by sensors or by a camera and converts it into illumination, allowing images or written information to be displayed. In addition, the system intelligently projects lighting onto the road.

For example, a 1.5-meter road works sign appears when a vehicle approaches a section of construction 15 meters before the driver can see it. In addition, data is provided on speed limits, bumps, and routes to and from highways.

The system makes it possible to display information about road conditions, signage, and even display a crosswalk to help pedestrians cross roads in fewer conditions.

The driver can also communicate with pedestrians using the headlights instead of the hazard lights or horn. The system recognizes pedestrians on distant lanes and displays a virtual zebra crossing on the road to allow pedestrians to pass first when vehicles have stopped.

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Rays of light smaller than a human hair

a The HD lighting system contains approximately 25,000 pixels HD MicroLEDwhich are about 250 times more than mass-produced LED headlights, which contain 80 to 120, act as light sources 0.04 mm thinner than a human hair.

With this thickness, the control is more detailed, allowing the driver to more accurately recognize the location of objects or pedestrians.

In addition to, The system contains 1.3 million Digital Micro Mirror Devices (DMD). With a dimension of only 0.01mm, the DMD is a highly precise control device that refracts light and controls the light from each of the LED's densely packed to present the desired shape or symbol on the road.

The system not only provides real-time driving information such as navigation and Head displays, but also allows communication with pedestrians. The so-called communication lighting technology has become a reality.

said a source from Hyundai Mobis.

Other companies, such as Ford or Mercedes (among others), are also developing their own technologies. This tells us that in the near future headlights will be more than just lighting equipment.