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“I am accused, acquitted, I feel very ill…”

“I am accused, acquitted, I feel very ill…”

The Big Brother Gala – The Ultimate Challenge on Sunday, 1 May, was marked by Leandro’s “Curva da Vida” participation, which revealed the most memorable moments of his life so far.

I have seven siblings, and we always live at my grandmother’s house. I learned from her everything I am today. He always walked everywhere with her, he was a salesman just like her‘ He started counting.

Leandro’s growth was marked by many tragedies, and at the age of fourteen he lost his mother to a heart attack.

One day, they beat up the part who was a social worker, and took away four brothers. I had to drop out of school to go to work to support ourselves and get my brothers out of there […] It lasted about 7 years until I was able to take my brothers with me‘ said the singer, sounding like he’s moving.

It was at this difficult stage of his life that his passion for music and the growth of his career as a romantic singer was born: “I went to sing on TVI, sing on Você na TV and Neil Monteiro is calling me to set a record“, He said.

When he was 20 years old, Leandro went through a turbulent period when he entered into a relationship: “I started dating, the relationship lasted 6 years. There was a betrayal on her part, I went on with my life, and in a setback, my greatest passion was born. [o filho Simão]. The nightmare begins, and he begins receiving messages from a man who said the child is his. Had to take a DNA test: 99.8% said it was mine, it was a huge relief but I felt like it didn’t end there“.

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As he said, the nightmare returned even with his current relationship: “My ex-wife has a friend who is a police officer and says I saw my son’s mother being beaten. I am accused of domestic violence, I was acquitted, I got really sick, I lost a lot of fans…“, He confessed.

Currently, Leandro is in a new relationship, his second son Diego was born in 2019, and since then, he is ready to “new story“.

Watch Leandro’s full life curve: