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"I am an adult woman."  Barbara Norton de Matos is 42 years old

“I am an adult woman.” Barbara Norton de Matos is 42 years old

eAt the house of Barbara Norton de Matos we are having a very special day, this Wednesday, July 7. The actress is 42, a date that she publicly celebrated in the morning with a post she made on Instagram.

“I am 42 years old now and I love my birthday. It goes by so fast and everything has been great in these four decades. I am an adult woman, a mother to two princesses I love madly and I am an actress with great pride” He often asks me how can I always be so positive? The answer is simple… Even with all the adversities I’ve learned, I’ve grown up, and I’ve always received something positive from the lowest quality,” he began telling fans.

“I accept myself as I am and don’t take myself too seriously. Take life seriously, accept and always trust yourself. Be happy in the present and live every moment intensely. The best thing about the forties? We laugh at ourselves and we don’t* have*” ***, and if this is how to live, he lives seriously without fear.” And he concluded his speech by saying, “There, now give me the congratulations that I love.”

It should be remembered that Barbara Norton de Matos is the mother of 15-year-old Luz, as a result of her relationship with Gonzalo Pena e Mello, and five-year-old Flor, for her relationship with Ricardo Arias.

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