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"I am glad the same when I was still with french fries..."

“I am glad the same when I was still with french fries…”

Fernando Rocha will be part of the new SIC telenovela team, “Lua de Mel”. The comedian was thrilled with this new opportunity in the novel and revealed that viewers will be watching “Tó Quim” [personagem interpretada em “Amor, Amor” e na nova novela] different than usual.

The comedian will look visibly slimmer than he did on SIC’s “Amour, Things” TV series. Fernando Rocha explains that he lost 22 kilograms in five months. The decision to lose weight came after a trip to the doctor:

I’m thinner. It was my decision, but…the doctor said to me, in other words, “Hey Ebba if you keep eating and drinking while you’re out to lunch and dinner with friends, you shouldn’t be 65.” I looked at the clock and thought, I only have 14 years left. My daughter was born just yesterday she is 17 years old, older smells like beer and tobacco. It sings so fast.” explains.

In this sense, the comedian reveals that he asked for help in losing weight: “The dietitian was one of the keys to that, she taught me how to eat. I thought I knew how to eat and I didn’t. Today I changed my eating habits, not entirely, but a good part of it. I am happy the same when I was still with the oily french fries. I don’t go hungry. In the records, they always have a diet dish, I avoid carbohydrates, such as salad and gelatin which is good. So far I have lost 22 kilos since January.”

Fernando Rocha assumes that he followed all the indications: “It wasn’t hard. It’s a matter of choice, our lives are paths, and from time to time crossroads appear, and we have to choose, after you say it like that. Why should I worry about it, because I have a wonderful life. I don’t want to die early.”

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