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I am looking for a job.  Five tips for a successful search

I am looking for a job. Five tips for a successful search

sJob hunting can be a tough and challenging process, but the important thing is not to get discouraged and stay active in your search. Employment company Michael Page He offers five tips that can be especially useful to those just entering the job market.

Take note:

1. Know your strengths and areas for improvement

“Evaluate your past experiences (such as academic projects, volunteering, summer jobs, etc.). What skills have you acquired? What are your strengths and what do you need to improve on? Asking yourself questions will help you decide what kind of job would best fit your skills, abilities, and personality. “.

2. Get organized

“A successful job search requires organization. Plan your days by setting clear goals that represent different accomplishments in your job search (ex: searching, responding to opportunity, following up on applications). Record and organize all your applications (by job description, application email or contacts) communication made through social networks). Also set deadlines to provide the best follow-up. Don’t forget, a well-managed day can help you stay motivated.”

3. Ask for help

We all need help at some point; that’s why it’s important to use your network when you’re looking for a job. Consider asking your former mentors for recommendations or tapping into the networks of your parents, friends or colleagues. You can also submit connection requests in professional social networks, addressed to Recruiters or strategic people in a company he would like to work for.”

4. Invest in your online presence

Social networks, job sites, forums: There are many online tools that make your job search easier. To increase your recognizability by recruiters, work on your resume so that it is optimized for the algorithms used by job sites and social networks.

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There are cases of companies rejecting candidates because of their social networks. Right now, managing your online presence is crucial! Make sure your privacy settings are correct and that anything you post online (eg: your Facebook profile, public photos, etc.) can prevent you from being seen by a potential manager. “

5. Be motivated

“Motivation is the secret to success! Easier said than done, but try to maintain a positive attitude throughout the job search process. Consider every rejection as an opportunity to improve and keep going. On the day of the interview, highlight their character and behavior skills.”

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