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«I am very clear about what I want in my career, and now the word belongs to the president»::

«I am very clear about what I want in my career, and now the word belongs to the president»::

In the early days of July 2022, Bruno Dias open heart to zero zero to talk about “the biggest challenge” from your professional life. Historic Belenenses knocked on his door with an invitation he couldn’t refuse: to lead the dream of returning to the professional leagues. Ten months later, the same dream came true.

Bruno Dias
Liga 3 Series B 2022/23

22 games
10 Wins
5 links
7 defeats

38 Objectives
27 Goals accepted

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You Sweatshirt from Restelo Finished the first stage of Liga 3 in fourth place From Série B, enough to get a passport stamped to discuss boarding, then they won Ascension Series 2beating Länk Vilaverdense, AD Sanjoanense and Amora. Saucepan? Jamor!

Sixteen years after the last presence on one of the most iconic stages in Portuguese football, Belenensis has not managed to put the icing on the cake, but in the retina remains the memory and the face of the people who walked. stone pathfrom the last county division until returning to League Two.

Still on the heels of a list of feelings, Bruno Dias opens the door again zero zero To talk about the rise, the experience gained in the context of the huge demand and also about the conversation he promised with President Patrick Moraes de Carvalho.

Os Belenenses

“It is impossible to say that my name is not in the history of Belenensis.”

Zero Zero (ZZ): In an interview on our website before the start of the season, Bruno said: “I’m still not a part of history [do Belenenses]”. Now, with this rise in cleavage, do you actually feel like you’re part of history?

Bruno Dias (BD): I think it is impossible today to say that my name is not in the history of Belenensis. It is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. We are talking about a historic rise, in a unique club, which has made a great way. It is a fifth-rate promotion and there are many other responsible figures in history. Now, everyone who participated this year has clearly engraved their name in history as those who managed to take Belenenses where they were never meant to be left, the professional leagues. We’re very satisfied, because I think we had a stratospheric season.

WhatI think it is impossible today to say that my name is not in the history of Belenensis. It is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life. We are talking about a historic rise, in a unique club, which has made a great way

Bruno Dias, Belenenses coach

ZZ: What made the difference to Belenenses reaching promotion in a very competitive league with so many favourites?

DB: The quality of the players, the union and the great coexistence, especially in the final stage, which took place between the work team and Belenenses fans. What I systematically called Mar Azul grew, trip after trip. There was someone who believed in this outcome and had the power to infect many others. This infectious effect, which started from the inside out, made Belenensis have this epic result. Now, focusing on the final stage, the players were mentally prepared for whatever they were going to go through.

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ZZ: How was it dealing with the pressure of representing belenensis?

DB: Very tough and very tasty. It was very difficult on its own. We had to pay the price for success. Expectations were very low at first, but in the fifth round of the tournament we were in first isolation and with victory in Leiria, which was the main candidate for moving to the division, we scored four goals. There, we were thought unstoppable, but we always maintained a guarded discourse. Then there was a very difficult moment in the season for us when we only scored four points in six rounds, but we felt that the team was growing. There were moments that the fans didn’t understand, as they thought Belenenses should win every game, but in practice that wasn’t the case. Many jerseys without the historical weight of the Plainenses have the financial capacity and resources to allow their professionals to be on a different level. (…) Responsibility is part of our job and we have raised everyone’s expectations a lot.

Os Belenenses

“I still don’t know how to put into words what I felt.”

ZZ: Now let’s go back to the day of the landing festivities. What are the main feelings?

DB: I confess that even today I do not know how to describe in words what I felt. The first thing I thought of was: “We did it, these players deserve a lot and these fans deserve a lot.”. It is very difficult to think what the people of Belén thought when they decided they wanted to give up their League One status and start all the way from the beginning, knowing they had seven divisions to climb. And these are the ones who were there at Restelo and invaded the field when we were promoted. I thought it was an extraordinary moment that the only thing I thought was: “let’s have fun”. The players deserved to be ripped off by the fans. They believed when no one believed, because it was easy to kick the bucket when we had those games and went from three to six. They never did. I was also happy for my coaching staff and the direction, who did an incredible job and in the moments when I made the decision I always thought we could turn things around.

11 official titles

ZZ: And how was the party at Jamor?

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DB: belenensis has not been in Jamur for 16 years. We didn’t win, but it was the day I saw more smiles on our fans’ faces. They noticed everything we did and everything they did. For the citizens of Belén, it was a rewarding day and gave hope that Mar Azul could last longer and overcome all adversity. There is a lot of energy in the club when we realize that we have 10,000 fans in the stadium applauding the team. (…) In terms of the game, I was very frustrated, because I didn’t feel like we didn’t have the power to beat UD Leiria. We couldn’t make the effect we usually have. But nothing erases what we did. The players were exceptional. There are players who had the best season of their careers and I have no doubt that they will reach professional levels at Belenenses or at another club.

ZZ: As a technical team, what has been the development during this season?

DB: He is much better and more prepared to take on any challenge. From the very beginning he asked for competition. We have many high quality teams, with high quality technical teams as well. Our players were the main ones responsible for the growth of the technical team, because they allowed us to maximize our ideas. They had an open mind to do many different things. Then we know that we are dealing with a very large number of federations that are demanding and ambitious, sometimes very irrational, but it is part of their passion for the club. The level of demand is very, very high. But I like this requirement. It made us grow a lot.

Os Belenenses

Completed in Belenensis? It’s not just up to me…”

ZZ: There is a scheduled conversation with the President. already happened? Will Bruno coach Belenenses next season?

DB: The meeting will take place this week. I’m very clear about what I want in my career, what my goals are, and I’m very clear about what belenensis should do. And I’m sure the President is also very clear about what the belenensis have to do with this very big new challenge that’s going to be for them. There are very important structural issues that need to be changed and the President has already spoken about them publicly. Let’s talk and we’ll decide this week. The president has the word and the concrete answer on who will coach Belenenses next season. I think it will be a very simple conversation because we have very clear ideas.

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ZZ: Whatever happens, Belenenses are already part of your history…

WhatI cannot guarantee my continuity because it does not depend on me alone. It also depends on me, but it will depend a lot on the project and on the conditions that belenensis have to overcome structural problems. This is the great challenge for plainensis

Bruno Dias, Belenenses coach

DB: There is no doubt about that. Belenenses will always be a special club and will always be in our history. We represented the club with great pride and we were very happy. We feel there has always been a great alignment in the vision and values ​​of the club and the technical team. Now, the word belongs to the president.

ZZ: Is getting into the professional leagues a short-term goal?

DB: clearly. We were never afraid that this was the goal. But we never hid that we didn’t want to come at any cost. I think we have proven that we have the ability to give an immediate response and I think that is the natural step that will happen in our careers.

ZZ: We’ve talked a few times lately. Will the next announcement be of continuity in Belenensis?

DB: I can’t guarantee that because it’s not just up to me. It also depends on me, but it will depend a lot on the project and on the conditions that belenensis have to overcome such structural problems. This is the great challenge for plainensis. The club has a way to grow and that growth must continue. For my part, the promise I can make is that when we first participate in professional competitions here we will be ready to talk.

ZZ: Finally, I’m going to ask for a fan letter. Is Belenenses really an excellent club?

DB: Belenenses is a first-class club that will surely make it to the first division. We do not know when and who will be the heroes who will take this last step. It is your place in itself. (…) Supporters are the key to making this happen. They have been the great power to walk this path of stones with great success and they are the ones who can make this path, whether it be difficult or less difficult and longer or shorter. The challenges will be great next season, the club will have to restructure due to the demands of professional football and the fans will have to be with the board. Finally, congratulations on the courage and values ​​you convey about what it means to be a belenensis. He continued to make Belenenses the club as in the national football.

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